Pre-Employment Screening; An Inevitable Part of Recruitment Process

Hiring an individual for an important position is a tough process. When you hire someone, it simply means that you are about to share several sensitive and important pieces of information relating your company with a person you don’t yet fully know. A resume reveals academic and professional achievements of candidates, but not their character. Therefore, it is important to do a background check on applicants before you decide to hire one.

That’s where comes in. The company is well known in the background screening industry with all their customers being the original architects who make their functionality even more innovative. Since the technology utilized by is trademarked, the company offers fully customizable solutions in order to meet the unique customer requirements. This helps their customers save money, raise productivity, and run background checks easily.

Verifying the identity of a candidate is an important part of pre-employment screening. A comprehensive database search can be conducted using the SSN of the candidate. This search may provide a comprehensive name and address history of the applicant, and thus can help find any criminal records. also offers employment verification service, which is conducted by automated system, fax, telephone or other different means. Human Resources Department is usually the main contact for this purpose, so that the information obtained is based on real facts. The reported will show many important details, such as position, employment dates, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, etc. The company analysts also make an effort to pinpoint any discrepancies. All such details are obtained in writing.

Drug testing is another important part of company’s background screening process. offers fast, precise and compatible background check solutions to meet any Drug Free Work Atmosphere initiative. Through the blended laboratory approach the company offers, the Patient Service Centers are easily accessible. A MRO (Medical Review Officer) reviews these results before delivering them to customers. Also, our laboratory partners are certified by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) to meet all the strict government requirements.

Do not risk your company’s sensitive information just by hiring a wrong candidate for an important job. Get in touch with the staff at

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