Reasons for Deleting Your Browser History

The option of deleting browser histories is incorporated in all computer browsers that can be found nowadays. However, only a limited number of internet surfers actually use this option. This is due to the fact that they aren’t aware of the myriad of impressive and practical benefits that can be reaped by deleting history. From freeing up valuable disc space on your hard drive to boosting the privacy of your browser, people can aid the functionality of their computer dramatically when they choose to clear the history of their browsers. For every browser, the function of delete history is a bit different, but it can be found in the Tools menu most of the time.

Some very interesting information about how and why to delete browser history can also be read on The benefits of deleting history remain the same for every browser and some of them are discussed here:

•    Removes Tracking Cookies

When people are browsing the web, their surfing patterns are observed and tracked by a text program that’s known as a ‘cookie’. Pieces of data that are sent to the browser of a user when they are on a particular page are defined as cookies. The information is stored by the browser and is used for remembering their search history. There are various reasons why cookies can be problematic because their primary purpose of tracking people is for advertising. Thus, people can cover their tracks on the web by deleting their history as it deletes the cookies automatically.

•    Maintains Privacy

When individuals decide to delete their browser history, they are also taking a step to maintain their privacy. When they don’t choose to remove their history, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to countless hackers and the malicious parties can use the information for tracking the behavior of users and setting them up for scams in the future. Malware and viruses can also be introduced in the computer via cookies. This issue can be avoided when history is deleted regularly.

•    Speeds up Your Browser

The performance of a browser can also be improved when people choose to delete its history. If individuals are experiencing numerous network timeouts or web pages are taking very long to load, deleting the browser history, cookies and caches can be helpful. Similar to other technology, unnecessary data that’s collected over time can bog down the web browser. To keep the browser running at optimum speed, it is best for people to delete its history once weekly or once every fortnight.

•    Additional Disk Space

Space can be freed up on the hard disk drive when people make it a habit of deleting the browser history. The information collected by the web browser during web surfing is usually saved on a computer’s hard disk. Not just the performance of the browser, but the entire computer can be affected if the hard disk is burdened. Valuable memory space is also taken up so people find it difficult to add new documents or programs to their computer. The best way to free up some disk space without having to forgo important files is to delete the browser history.

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