The Addictive Sweetness Of Candy Crush Saga For You

The world of internet is full of millions and billions of online games. These little online games are both attractive and addictive. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that even the biggest players of action and shooting games in the world love to play these little games online. Every day, month and year there is a new entry in these millions of online games. While most games get only an average rating, some are able to become the heart favorites of people around the world. One such favorite game of millions of people on the internet is the Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga doesn’t bring any new and unique idea to the game players but it definitely succeeds well in improving and improvising the old ideas of gaming. The game runs on the same traditional idea of matching 3 similar items to get the points. The more matches you successfully make the more points you will get. However, getting more points by matching 3 similar items is not where the idea of Candy Crush Saga ends. It takes things further by introducing many more attractive tokens and souvenirs. The game becomes more challenging and addictive as you proceed. The currency used in the game is gold bars so you’ll need plenty of these to skip levels and progress through the game.

The game is played on a board is pretty similar to “bejeweled”. You have to match 3 similar candies but you can always match more than 3. Matching 4 candies will earn you more points and special candies. These special candies appear on your board for special purposes i.e. they are capable of clearing the entire row or column. You have to conquer bigger challenges as you move on from one stage to another. These challenges keep you on your toes all the time and as a result of these special challenges you are not always pursuing bigger points but you have to do much more than that to move on.

One of the most addictive things about the game is its game play and also the colorful interface. You might not be able to find a more colorful and sweeter game than this on the internet. The sounds are amazing and the candies look mouthwatering. The way the map has been built for this game is amazing. Even the most popular action games played around the world don’t have such elaborative and intriguing maps as this game does. The cartoon characters that appear in the gameplay are all based on the characters of the circus.

The game becomes more addictive as you are always able to see the names of the high scorers and their scores at the side of your screen when you complete a stage. You can always share your scores on your social networking profiles too. You can personalize your name and picture with the account to make it personal too. The game has become so popular that you can find it on almost any platform you could think of.
It is available on computers, tablets and smartphones. It doesn’t matter whether you have iOS, Android or Windows operating system, this game will work on all of them!

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