The Golden Hint Charity


It is a huge challenge for most people who endeavor to become social entrepreneurs. Such people usually have ideas but encounter several challenges in making these ideas a reality. Luckily, it is now possible to get assistance in order to materialize such dreams. Golden Hint charity is an organization that helps such individuals achieve their dreams of being social entrepreneurs. If you are in a situation whereby you would require some help, then this article provides you with the highlights of the activities of Golden Hint, which would be of importance to you.

Golden Hint’s mission is to point people in the right direction in order for them to make their ideas for a charity end up having tangible results within a community. This organization actually believes that every problem has a solution, which is usually around us. Therefore, when you contact Golden Hint you will get advice from experts, and resources such as funding.

Actually, Golden Hint has realized that 58% of startup charities fail in their course due to limited resources. Therefore, this organization helps such charities by providing them with free online services. When you visit this organization on their website,, you are able to access expertise from all over the world without incurring travel expenses. As you visit their website, it is good to know the three main services offered by this organization.

One, there is a Golden Hint Library, which is a database with information on various charities. Therefore, you are able to get details such as funds’ sources for your charity and contacts for such sources. Moreover, there is plenty of information regarding almost all charities. This information is in the form of websites, books and journals. The advantage of this database is that it saves you a lot of time because once you specify your charity you only get the information relevant to you. This service is free.

Two, this organization offers the golden peer network service free of charge. This service connects new charities with similar ones for purposes of sharing ideas on how to succeed. Without assistance, this can be an uphill task but Golden Hint provides contacts of such peers at the click of a mouse.

Three, you can benefit from the golden consultant network service especially if you need long-term assistance with your charity. This service includes hands-on consultation. For example, you can get services such as writing and design of a website. However, this service is offered at a small fee, which is a result of the discount offered to clients of Golden Hint.

Despite the good will of the Golden Hint Charity, the firm has its limitations. For instance, the organization avoids causes that may contravene the laws of a country of operation or a charity that conflicts with values of either openness or equality. However, it is good to understand that this organization offers is services to all clients without preference.

If you are running a charity and experiencing challenges or you are about to start one, you should visit in order to enjoy their services.

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