8 Ways to Save Money on Home Expenses

The article has been written by Ana Miller who is a financial advisor and bridging finance expert at Vision Finance London, a leading finance business in the British Capital.

We always hear about people who save money by cutting down on expenses or buying only discounted items, but these are not the only ways to to save money. You can also put some bucks away by using simple tips and tricks in your very home. Unplugging your appliances and closing your thermostat when leaving home are just some of these tips. Let’s analyze them more in detail in the paragraphs below.

1. Use bath water to flush the toilets. If you have just taken a bath, just use some buckets to empty the tub and whenever you must flush the toilet, use that water. This tip can save you quite a lot of money on water, even though it sounds like an extreme solution.

2. Unplug the appliances. Whenever you leave the house, remember to unplug all your appliances first because they consume electricity even if they are in stand-by. This piece of advice is a “must” when leaving for a long holiday.

3. Recondition the furniture. It makes no sense in spending large amounts of money on luxurious new furniture. Craiglist and other similar websites are filled with old furniture that is still in great condition and that can be safely used. The garage sales can also offer you a great solution when it comes to furniture. You can also choose to reupholster your chairs or couches instead of purchasing new ones. Craiglist can also be used to get rid of your old furniture and gain some money.

4. Don’t keep the thermostat at its maximum temperature because it will make you spend a lot of money. Wear more layers and warmer clothes if you’re cold. Also, in the summer save on air conditioning by opening the windows and allowing a cool breeze to enter your home.

5. Use professional home repair contractors. At a first glance, they can be quite expensive, but if the work they perform is thorough, then you won’t need a second repair. If you go for the cheapest home repair contractors, then you will definitely need several other repairs afterwards and you will end up paying much more than expected.

6. Install window coverings. Use them in the summer to block the sunshine and keep the home cool. In the winter open them so that the sunshine can come in and warm the house. So, besides being comfortable and extremely useful, these coverings can also help you save around $100 per year.

7. You don’t need an extremely large house. People like spending money on large apartments and houses, but half of that space is useless for them. Save the money by renting or purchasing less square footage. By having a smaller home, you will also save money in the future on the utilities, so it is a reasonable deal.

8. Weatherproof your property. Try to caulk all the cracks and holes in the house that can let the cold air or the warm air escape during different seasons. You can do this by yourself, so as to save even more money.

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