How to Sim Unlock the HTC One

The HTC One is one of the most popular smartphones of the Taiwanese manufacturer and it also earned the title of being the best smartphone in 2013. The phone is jam-packed with amazing features that have made it a competitor of smartphones from other manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple. However, it can be highly frustrating for people to know that their phone has a myriad of features that they cannot used because it has been locked by their network provider. When an HTC smartphone is manufactured, it is given a unique 15 digit code called the IMEI code that’s specifically created for that model. Then the phone is locked by the network providers.

This means that the users of the smartphone can only use the features and services that are offered by their network provider and any other SIM will not function in that device. Therefore, people make the decision of SIM unlocking their smartphone. Not only does unlocking save them considerable time and money, it also increases the resale value of the phone and unlocks a whole lot of additional features that can be enjoyed by the users. While there are lots of ways to SIM unlock a phone, most of them are illegal and can damage the phone.

One way of going about it is to contact the network provider and ask them for an unlock code. The problem is that most network providers either refuse to give the code or have terms and conditions like the user has to use the network for at least six months or a year to be eligible. There is another easy and completely legal method that can be used by people when they wish to unlock their phone. There are various unlocking websites that have been established nowadays, which specialize in offering unlock codes for a horde of smartphones.

It is very easy to find unlocking websites that have codes of HTC smartphones including the HTC One. The process used by these websites is very simple and straightforward. They will ask individuals to provide the unique IMEI number of their model. Once this is done, an unlock code will be emailed to the address provided by the client. Now, users have to remove their SIM card from the HTC One and put in one that’s not accepted by the device. The smartphone will immediately ask the user to enter the unlock code in order to use the SIM.

Open the email that has been sent by the unlocking website that contains the code. It should be copied and entered into the HTC One. This will permanently unlock the HTC One. From then on, users will be able to use any SIM they wish on their smartphone and will have access to whole lot of additional features they couldn’t use previously. Furthermore, this unlocking process is permanent and doesn’t cause any damage to the smartphone. No expertise is required for this unlocking as people only have to follow the proper instructions for achieving their goal. 

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