Is It Worth Picking The ClanCats Framework?

While the rest of the world enjoys softwares, applications and many other programs, the work of a developer is not that amusing and pleasing. The repetitive insertion of codes and dealing with many other technical tasks make the work of a developer difficult. The use of a framework comes as a big relief for the developers and programmers. They can use a framework with much part of the work already fed into the framework in order to kill the repetitive work. There are many different types of frameworks to choose from and the choosing one can be a really subjective matter.

Among many popular frameworks we now have the CCF (ClanCats Framework). This is a PHP framework that allows the developers build applications and program at much faster speeds than before. The architectural pattern of the framework is HMVC so the developers can focus on one aspect of the application at one time. HMVC stands for hierarchical model-view-controller. Developers now understand the importance of MVC architectural pattern not only because it is easy and quick but it keeps the developers focused by breaking up the process of development in three different parts. This is a rather new framework but has everything to make a developer’s life easy.

The building of the framework had been completed in 2010 but some big improvements in its main structure were made two years after its creation. This framework has been the backbone of ClanCats, a social platform on the internet. The framework wishes to go open source and this is going to get better for the developers. Some very interested information in this regard is also available here GitHub Repo.

It is good to see that the developers of the framework seem neutral in giving a very positive comment about other frameworks by saying that every framework is beautiful in its own way. The focus of the developers of ClanCats Framework is mainly on making things simple. The clear structure of the framework and improved extensibility are other points of focus. In short, the framework intends to be a platform where developers, experienced and new, can develop new applications without repeating the same tasks and wasting their time in things that delay their projects.

Installation of the framework is made possible with a simple command but certain PHP components must be installed on a computer in order to use CCF or make use of its maximum features. A few changes need to be made in the file system so to give the framework the permission to perform all operations. All these operations can be performed within seconds by any developer.

At the end, there are many frameworks that developers are using today and some PHP frameworks are most prevalent. Laravel and Phalcon are the most popular and used frameworks at the moment. There are many others and CCF is a new addition on the list. Every framework needs some understanding before you start using but since CCF focuses simplicity and avoids complexity, you are definitely going to love how quickly you learn it. Now you can think of building applications in less time and much more ease.

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