Let’s Make More Money With An Awesome Design

When someone tells you that they saw a website that has an awesome design, you will probably think that it involves flash design and some pretty futuristic features, but this is not always the case when it comes to good web design. If you want your website to make money and get your business brand, product and image out there, then you need an awesome design. Sometimes this means simple yet sophisticate web design.

Your chosen web design company should know about the five second rule

When thinking about having a website created for your business – count to five, because that is exactly how long you have to grab the attention of the browser, so that they keep looking for more. A professional web development company will know all about this five second rule and will guide and advise you in such a way that your new website presents your brand and delivers its sales pitch in precisely that amount of time.

Features that should be incorporated into your web design 

o Your website should load quickly which means you should keep the actual web design free from hefty images and videos.
o A simple design that is easy to navigate on both handheld devices and computers.
o Flat design is a priority as it simplifies the design and makes everything easier to access.
o A clear call to action on all pages. These include “Request a quote”, “Contact us”, “Register” and so on.
o Content is still king! While you don’t want to overload your home page with too much information, make sure that you have relevant and interesting information and advice to present your clients with each month. Have your web development company add a blog or articles section where clients can browse at their leisure. A monthly newsletter is also a great way to offer advice and market your business at the same time.
o Quick and easy contact forms that request the basics from the client. No one wants to fill out a lengthy contact form detailing their family tree just to receive some feedback from you. Make the forms simple and the process quick and easy for the client.
o If you are selling products it is quite important to have an online store. CMS websites ensure that you can list and detail each product that you have on your shelves. If clients can shop online after hours, and they find the system convenient – then you have a winner.

These are just a few of the features that you should consider for your website. Your web development team should be able to incorporate these features with ease as well as suggest a variety of ideas of their own.

New image trends can make your web design more eye-catching than ever before

A new trend in web design has been the use of large images. These don’t have to be necessarily weighty images, but they are typically used to draw the attention of the browser. This takes the need for eye-catching menus and borders away and replaces it with the opportunity to keep your website simple, yet eye catching too. It goes without saying that your website will make a great deal more money for you if it is well designed. Chances are that a shabby website will scare off potential money spending clients…

Shop around for a web design and web development team that can offer you a wealth of professional services to cater to the image and branding needs of your company’s online presence.

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