Preserving Memories With Automated Selfie Station

Regardless of what the event is, photo booths are becoming a standard accessory, especially since the trend of selfies has become popular. Nowadays, people use photographs for engaging and communicating with each other via popular social media networks. This offers businesses an excellent opportunity to interact with their own clientele and create and develop brand awareness and loyalty. While a lot of companies make photobooths that are used nowadays, Instapics has brought a revolution in this market with the introduction of the first automated Selfie Station. Instapics is renowned for launching unique and innovative kiosks and this is just another one of its amazing developments.

The Selfie Station Machine offers people an interactive and exciting experience that they’ll love and share for creating a positive online presence for the business. Basically, it is an automated and small social media photo machine that can be placed by a business at any retail location. Not only does it fit easily, it can enable customers to take customized selfies. The best part is that the photographs will have customized graphic photo borders that showcase the company’s brand. The customers will share these images with their friends and family immediately via text, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even email, indirectly promoting the brand.

Through this process, a business can benefit from powerful promotion for their products and services and also their location. Moreover, the brand is exposed to the followers and friends of the customers, who can also turn out to be potential customers in the long term. With the Selfie Station, a new and even existing business will be able to gain strong presence online on social media as it helps to generate thousands of likes on Facebook and increases the number of followers on Twitter. Eventually, this can boost the traffic to the business’s website.

The Selfie Station not just allows the customer to take a Selfie, but they can also take group photos and use custom frames for decorating it. Furthermore, they can get the picture printed by paying $2 with a swipe of their debit or credit cards and share it with friends and family. The brand name will be imprinted in their minds and the photograph will serve as a reminder, insinuating brand loyalty. Customers can also use the pictures from the Selfie Station and post them on Twitter and Instagram with a hashtag. The customized and branded hashtags of the businesses will be seen by thousands and this also promotes the brand.

Instapics allows a business to install a Selfie Station at their desired location in order to attract customers and market their brand. They offer plenty of customization options to the users, which include funky props, numerous backgrounds, a wide variety of photo layouts and even video recording. Customers will be able to create real time memories with the Selfie Station so they can also be used in different events. Hence, with this kiosk of Instapics, a business can generate a lot of buzz on social media networks and gain popularity. 

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