Why Free Website Builders are Beneficial for a Small Business?

The fact that just about every small business in the civilized world needs a website to grow—let alone maintain revenue without competition taking business from you—is indisputable.  There is simply no way that a small business can realistically stay afloat over the next few years without at least some form of presence on the internet.

Whether this simply means having a place where people can find out about your services and goods to contact you offline or having a full blown online eCommerce site is up to you.  The bottom line is that you need a website for your small business or you will begin to lose money and clients.

But What if I Can’t Afford a Website?

The problem for most small business owners isn’t convincing you that you need a website—you already know that.  The problem is that the information out there mainly points to sales sites where web designers and SEO consultants ask for extraordinary amounts of money to build websites for small businesses.

Unfortunately, this often isn’t in the budget of a small business owner.  In fact, if money flow was that good to the point where you could afford to drop thousands on a new website for your business, you probably are doing fine without one!  But one thing that can help your business open up that budget is increased revenue that will be generated by your website—if only you didn’t have to pay for it.

There are Free Website Builders for Small Business Owners Out There 

But that’s the real reason that so many small business owners don’t have sites for their business.   They think that there is no other option than paying for a website to be built.  They understand that they don’t know how to build a website and that people charge lots of money to build, design and run them, and they simply give up on the idea.

But free website builders do exist and they’re not only free, they are easy to use.  So easy, in fact, that even if you’ve never built a website or seen the backend or coding of a site before, you’ll still be able to build a professional looking and operating site for your small business.  This is provides entrepreneurs with a simple way to create a website that brings in traffic and business without going through all of the expenses.

The Two Big Reasons your Small Business Needs a Free Website Builder

Let’s take a closer look at these two big benefits of free website builders for small business owners.  

1. Small businesses have a really tight budget so they can’t spend lavishly on hiring a professional agency or a web designer. This is where a free website builder helps resulting in savings in terms of time and money.  These are savings that you can either pass on directly to the customer or spend on other areas of your business that need some attention.  The bottom line is that if you don’t have to pay for something, don’t—especially if you don’t have the money.  Free website builders allow you to take a do-it-yourself approach which is just the way many small business owners and self-made entrepreneurs prefer it.

2. A small business can also not afford an in house IT team to work on creating a website. This is another aspect where a free website builder comes in handy. Instead of hiring a team of say 5-10 people, you can either take care of the site yourself or split the duties between one or two tech savvy employees.  Because free website builders make it so easy to design, build and develop your website, you won’t run into any hurdles that can’t be overcome through a visit to the help forum or online support provided by your website builder.

But Isn’t Building a Website Hard? 

As for building the site and things like uploading content, SEO and web design, the back end of these free website builders are customized to make it easy on people like you to do all of the work without any help.  The design is typically performed through a drag and drop builder, meaning that if you can select something from Column A, click on it and drag it over to Column B and then unclick, you can build a website.

There are also sections for you to optimize your site, full of instructions that will walk you through every aspect of building your own website there is.

About the Author: This article is written by Noa All from Livecity.com, an easy to use free website builder powered by the latest technologies in website building.

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