Why You Should Use Branded Promotional Mugs

In order for you to get ahead in business, it is important to market it the right way and persistently. Marketing gimmicks like handing out promotional items will never get old. Each year, some of the best companies allocate funds for promotional giveaways. While there are many choices when it comes to the particular item to brand and give out, coffee mugs remain some of the most popular. This is because these mugs can leave a lasting impression since the owner will use it often and thus see the ad on the mug many times.

If you are in doubt as to how a coffee mug can help you reach your target audience, here is a quick run-through of some of the ways you stand to benefit from giving away branded mugs.

The Benefits of Giving Away Branded Mugs 

  • Gaining maximum exposure 

Every day millions of people around the globe take coffee, tea, milk or hot chocolate among other beverages using mugs. For this reason, using mugs to market your brand can easily go viral as your ad is seen by everyone who comes across the mug. A good number of the people who come across the ad may seek out your services.

  • Durability and versatility

Usually the recipient of the mug will keep it in their possession for a long time – as log it is usable and not broken. This makes it a perfect platform to print an ad or your company logo. Also, logos or ads printed on mugs do not fade and thus will be visible to your target audience for the longest time. Each time someone uses the mug, they will be able to see the ad and maybe bring business your way. Very few other promotional materials have the ability to last as long as ads on mugs do.

  • Expanding your networks 

By adding something as simple as your contact details to the ad on the mug, you can easily expand your networks. You can hand out the mugs at outdoor events, trade shows and even conferences. These are ideal locations to ensure the mugs are distributed to your target audience in numbers. Anyone interested in your service or products will use the info on the mug to reach you. The more mugs you give away, the larger the audience you reach.

  • It is cost effective 

Contrary to what most people think, printing logos and ads on mugs can be quite affordable. Actually, it is more affordable than many other forms of marketing. Using mugs to advertise your brand can be a great way of saving money especially if you are running a startup business. Plus, the return on investment is much quicker and lasts longer than using other costly marketing strategies like television and radio ads. This is because you reach out to many people at a go as everyone who uses the mug will see the ad, but not everyone will be watching the TV when your ad shows.

  • It has a positive impact 

In order for your advertising campaign to be successful, it is important for you to incorporate the use of promotional items like mugs to impact your target audience positively and get positive feedback from clients. Therefore, the design you choose really matters and does speak volumes about your brand. The design you choose can determine how big or small a leap your business makes from using promotional mugs.  

There are many other benefits you get to enjoy for using promotional mugs as a marketing tool for your business. However, these are the five most important ones. So, if you have an upcoming promotion event, you should make these mugs the center of your advertising. People see them as freebies, but your business sees them as potential new clients and profits.

If you do not know where to get your promo mugs, a company like drink branders can do a good job in creating promo mugs for your campaign.

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