5 Easy Ways to Enhance the Effectiveness of your Classified Website

A number of people are now using classified websites to post their ads and buy and sell multiple items. Creating these websites has become more popular and the competition is increasing day by day.

There are many ways in which you can stay abreast of the rest. The top five ways to have a more effective classified website are stated here.

•    One of the most important ways to enhance the effectiveness is to start working with keywords which is the most basic SEO strategy. Once your website has the right keywords, you will automatically attract clientele that is interested in what you have to offer instead of mere visitors that do not turn into customers. If you are unaware of SEO then you should hire an SEO Company or an SEO specialist to help you with it.

•    Another way is to create a customer-friendly and interesting layout and design of your website. The structure of your front page, inner pages and all other pages should be simple yet professional which is easy to navigate, understandable and properly categorized. The products should be listed in an order so the user can find them easily.

•    Add more value to the customer’s experience by providing tips on how they can create more effective ads. Emphasize on the use of visual aids in the ads. You could also provide with a list of abbreviations that are generally used in classifieds for newbies so they can benefit from it. The better and more effective the ads, the most traffic it will bring to your site.

•    Spread to mobiles and tablets. It is the new day and age where people want to do everything on the go because they do not have enough time to spare. Make a mobile version of the website as well. This will mean that your services are available on the go and people can access the website whenever they want, wherever they are. This strategy can be especially successful in the case of websites dedicated to employment ads.

•    Incorporate social media as a part of your marketing strategy. This will help you communicate with your clients in real time. It can also serve as a platform where you can market the ads on your website. The better you are at social media marketing, the more people you will be able to direct towards your website. Fan pages help people relate to the brand and increase its reliability as well.

Hence, following the above steps will definitely improve the effectiveness of your classified websites. If you want to keep your website running you should always keep an honest trading, maintaining integrity in the business. This will create a loyal clientele which is imperative in order to have a successful website.

About the Author: Damien Gold is Co-founder at http://www.south-africa.co. Damien has been into Internet Marketing for seven years.

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