5 Money Saving Tips for Cell Phone Users

Love your cell phone but hate the bills? You’re not alone. Do you find yourself faced with a bloated cell phone bill filled with fees, penalties and extra surcharges? Join the crowd. We all love our phones, but too many of us are faced with monthly cell phone bills that all but break the bank. True, we are using the minutes, and we are the ones doing the texting. But sometimes that bill comes in and it’s all we can do to cover it without resorting to selling something on Ebay or taking out some payday loans. So what’s a confirmed cell phone lover to do? Well, there are some simple ways to get that monthly cell phone bill under control. The following five money saving tips will help put you back in charge when it comes to the cost of your beloved cell phone.

#1 – Choose a New Service Provider

We are all creatures of habit, and we tend to stick with what we know. When it comes to cell phone plans that can definitely backfire. Changing service providers is not as complicated, or inconvenient, as you might think. So, if your current cell phone plan is putting a strain on your budget, start researching other companies. Consider your current usage patterns, including the number of minutes you use every month, the amount of texting you do, and your current data plan. Using this information, compare and contrast different service providers until you find one that offers the best price for your needs. If you find it difficult to estimate your cell phone usage, My Rate Plan offers a handy calculator to help your gauge your usage patterns and find the best plan available.

#2 – Friends and Family

Most cell phone service providers offer some kind of friends and family plan. Each company will likely have their own name for the program. But most of them work along the same lines, allowing you to talk for free with anyone in your circle who is also a paid subscriber to your service provider. Of course, this only works if you can get your friends and family to agree make the switch to your new cell provider. But if the savings are substantial enough, chances are your friends will jump at the opportunity to save a bit of money themselves.

#3 – Discounts from Your Employer

Many businesses, particularly those with a strong mobile workforce, partner with cell phone service providers so they can offer discounts for their employees. These employer based discount plans can definitely help to save you money on your cell phone bills. However, you will have to switch to your employer’s preferred service provider. Before taking advantage of an employee discount, be sure to review the plan being offered and make sure that it fully suits your needs and that there are no hidden costs for you.

#4 – Student Discounts

High school and college students probably use their cell phones much more than their parents do. While the cell phone companies don’t always advertise them, many actually do offer student discounts. If you are a student who is currently enrolled in high school or college, talk with your service provider about any available discounts for which you may be eligible. If they do not offer student discount, consider switching to a cell phone company that does.

#5 – Prepaid Cells

Prepaid cell phones are a good way to regain control over your mobile phone bills. Since you pay upfront for your monthly minutes and data usage, you never have to worry about going over your limit and facing unexpected fees or penalties. With a prepaid cell phone, you always know what your monthly bill will be, making it easier to fit into your budget.

We all love our mobile phones, but sometimes that monthly bill can really put a strain on the budget. If your cell phone bill is bigger than you would like, don’t let it bring you down. Use these simple tips to regain control over your cell phone spending, so you can start saving some real money.

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