7 hand-picked Chromecast Apps for Your Android Phone

A bigger screen can always add life to a typical movie or a set of pictures that are being scrolled through on the smaller screen of Android smartphones. Ever since the inception of Google Chromecast, Android consumers have been able to fetch content from their device for being viewed on the biggest television screens available in their home or office. All that’s needed is an app that can enable you to share content on your device with a television set. Through this blog, I’ll be introducing you to a collection of seven Chromecast apps that will enable content sharing between Android devices and Television sets. So, here I go with the explanation of each app on an individual basis.

Chromecast Application No.1- Blinkbox

Unlike the typical Netflix app where you need to pay a flat monthly fee for watching videos on TV via smartphone, installing Blinkbox allows you to pay only for what you want to watch. You can easily choose to rent and buy movies as per your budget. One of the best parts of Blinkbox is that it gets some of the video releases much before anyone else.

Chromecast Application No.2- CastPad for Chromecast

CastPad for Chromecast is a fabulous app that sends all your heavy artwork to the big screen. While the free version of the app comes with five color variations and an option to change the brush size, the paid one comes with additional features that make  TV viewing experience a complete delight for the Android users. Almost every known Mobile Development Company is striving hard towards building an app that’s similar in looks and functionality as the CastPad for Chromecast app. 

Chromecast Application No.3-BubbleUPnP

If you’re a movie freak and have ample number of movie files stored on your Android phone or tablet, then BubbleUPnP is an app you can’t afford to miss. With this app installed in your device, you can play videos that are stored on your NAS via chromecasting the same to your television set. Since the app only supports file formats that can play on Google Chromecast, you need to ensure a high-speed internet Wi-Fi network for your Android device.

Chromecast Application No.4-MyCastScreen

MyCastScreen is yet another fabulous app that turns Google Chromecast into an information expelling machine. It replaces the typical Chromecast home screen with news, weather updates and photo slideshow. Although MyCastScreen is still in its development stage, it works well for a majority of Android powered devices. All you need to do is simply add your post code and RSS feed to start receiving the news updates, weather reports etc., followed by using the further options to play YouTube videos on your big screen. This app also renders you the flexibility of adding a custom wallpaper to personalize your videos and pictures.

Chromecast Application No.5-LocalCast

If you aren’t inclined on paying up for BubbleUPnP then LocalCast Chromecast can be an effective alternative. With this app installed in your Android device, you can easily select the video you want to play and the same would appear on your television screen. LocalCast Media 2 Chromecast supports video files with formats viz: MP4 and WebM. Although the app’s free version does include some advertisements, it still serves as an excellent solution for streaming videos that are stored on your tablet, phone or NAS.

Chromecast Application No.6-AllCast

As a yet another incredible alternative to BubbleUPnP, AllCast comes with an easy to use interface. With a menu located towards the left side, you can easily track your Chromecast along with the videos and other media stored on your Android device. Direct video streaming from the phone is one of the major advantages of AllCast application. While the free version of this app comes with one minute viewing limit, the paid version offers a much longer viewing limit for a fuller and finer user experience. The Premium version of AllCast app can be purchased at a price of three pounds.

Chromecast Application No.7- Dayframe (Chromecast Photos)

Dayframe is a brilliant app that fetches pictures from your Android phone/tablet and beams the same to the big screen via Chromecast. Apart from supporting pictures stored on your device, the app also supports Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox. With the Dayframe app, you can either automatically scroll through the image or choose to control them manually. Dayframe is a great way of sharing pictures and displaying the same as a slideshow on your television screen. 

Wrapping Up

Viewing lots of amazing stuff available in your Android device, on a big screen is something that can add stars to your movie/video watching experience. With all the aforementioned easy-to-use Google Chromecast apps, I’m sure you’d have definitely got all geared up for seeing your best stuff on the biggest screen in the house.

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