A Quick Guide On Finding A Web Hosting Provider

Ok, so you’ve got your big idea, bought the domain now rather stuck as to where to find a good web hosting company. Yep, there’s literally 100s to choose from and it can be pretty daunting, especially if you’ve never did it before.

Firstly, it’s best to start of small. Don’t buy into the large packages or promises people are telling you, its a new website so 99% you’re going to be getting a small amount of traffic (unless you’re backed by bill gates… 🙂 )  You need to choose a simple, cheap and easy to use package most likely on a shared server which will serve 99% of any job perfectly.

There’s many providers out there, so you need to look for one that stands out of the pack and most importantly has a really good customer service. That’s something you’ll without a doubt be needing to use, and when you have live chat on tap, it’s really handy when you hit an issue.

You should be looking at spending no more than $10 a month on hosting for a startup website, so have a good shop around and find a deal that is good value + all the benefits of live chat, helpful support and easy setup.

You can also look at buying your domain elsewhere and just literally going with a dedicated hosting company, these are usually the best as its there only product and what they are specializing in, rather than a provider who’s selling everything possible, which can sometimes result in a poor service long term. Once you’ve got your hosting, you’ll need to build your website or upload an already created design, that’s pretty simple if your host has a good cpanel. Most offer 1 click installs for all types of scripts and website platforms such as WordPress, drupal, various eCommerce softwares and more. Make sure your host if offering this, as it really is a great help, especially if you have no idea how to setup such things yourself.

Trawling through hosting companies can be a long job, but if you’re looking for a host that offers great uptime, customer service and is based on green technology then a pretty good choice is this web hosting company.

Author Bio: James is a social media marketer with a vast experience, he likes to  play basketball and occasionally helps promote the Green web hosting company, HostwithWill.

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