Best Ways to Treat Employees and Help Create a Healthy Office Environment

Employees should be the most important resource in every company. Next to the managers, they are the source of the innovations and competitive advantage. There are plenty of theories of how the managers should lead the company, control and motivate his subordinates. Everything depends on the profile of the business and tasks that employees have to perform. There are some branches in which subordinates should be under total control as well as the branches that require more freedom. However there are some universal rules that can be applied to every business concerning treating the employees.

Rule 1. Try to Understand Them

How would you feel being in their situation? This question the managers should ask themselves every day. It is the best way to understand the employees and figure out what are their needs. Fulfilling the needs of the employees is one of the main things that may contribute to the company’s performance.

Rule 2. Talk with Them

Having a smalltalk with the workers shows, that the manager is respecting them. Consulting decisions with subordinates is next thing that will be a sign, that their opinions are important in the company. It is also a message that the manager is not above them, but is more like their partner. Building trust is crucial in good relationships within a company. What is more, talking with subordinates can make them better understand the business goals of the company so they will more identify themselves with a firm.

Rule 3. Respect Them

Every manager, no matter in that business branch has to respect his subordinates. It is one of the basic rules not only in business but in the relations between the people. Lack of respect among employees in the company may result in very low motivation and performance. This should be the principle thing, build in the company organizational culture.

Rule 4. Control Them Skillfully

Controlling is indispensable part of the management process. However it has to be adjusted to the specific of the business. Controlling should be mostly about the taking care of reaching the goals and finishing tasks before the deadlines. Concerning business that requires people working on the computers, the controlling should be extended to this matter. Employees can loose a lot of time doing things that are not relevant to their job. Researches shown, that even three hours a day may be lost during the work time because of doing private things through the internet. In this case, a very good idea is to implement software that will be able to control the traffic and block particular websites that may cause the problem.


To sum up, relations between the employees from different levels in the organization are as much important as a good strategy. Managers should do their best in order to build durable and long term relationships with their subordinates. It may significantly improve the performance of the whole company.  Controlling is one of the methods that if it’s performed well, it may give a lot of benefits to the whole company. Employees feel that their work is important and the managers have clear overview of the company’s results.

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