Enhancing Your WordPress with VideoBoard Theme

Creating a WordPress blog has become immensely easy for people these because there are a lot of tools available on the internet to make this process easier. People encounter a problem when they want to post videos on their blog in order to transform it into a complete video website. This is easier said than done and most people will end up hiring experts because they are stumped. In this case, they can make use of the VideoBoard Theme that has been primarily designed for this purpose. It is a premium WordPress video theme, which can be used for creating a simple video showcasing website and even a completely functional membership website that uses various monetizing methods.

There are numerous features of this theme that have gained it the popularity it enjoys today. Some of them are mentioned below:

Membership System 

When this theme is utilized, the website owners can get their clients to register to the website for free or can also choose to charge them for membership. When they are charging their customers for subscription, only premium users will be able to view the video pages of the blog.

Responsive Design 

The default settings of the theme ensure that it is mobile optimized and responsive. It has been designed on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which provides it browser compatibility and highly responsive features.

Multiple Themes and Design Options 

The admin panel can be used by people for customizing the theme design to meet their requirements and preferences. Multiple theme styles can be found, which are extremely useful in creating a unique website design by customizing the video board completely.

Banner Management 

The theme comprises of several banner places where advertisements can be attached. People also have the option of choosing who gets to view the ad. For instance, individuals can decide that the ad will only be visible to guests and not premium subscribers.

Video Import Tools 

These tools have also been incorporated in the theme for enabling important videos from popular video sharing platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. It is very easy for people to use these tools so they will be able to fill their website with popular videos in no time at all.

Video submission by users 

Video submission template can be found in Videoboard theme, which can be used by people for allowing their users to upload their unique and personal videos through their account.

While these are the primary features offered by Videoboard, there are several other perks enjoyed by people. They can also find an email manager that can be used for composing emails for a variety of events such as membership extension, received payment and user registration. Likewise, the layout for a particular page can also be altered with ease. In addition, videos when uploaded will be given automatic thumbnails by the system. Orders and payments can also be tracked with the system that’s provided. People will also be glad to know that promote support is offered by Videoboard theme so they can get their problems resolved in no time at all. 

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