Friv; a New Website That Becomes Gamers’ Delight

Friv is an arcade based website that has many games to choose from. This colorful, new and hip, child friendly website has everything from old School games to the newest titles. the web page has the infinite scroll feature, so you or child does not have to refresh the page every five minutes. There are tons and tons of games to choose from like your favorite two plumbing brothers to the zombie slaying birds. Friv has many categories to choose from, categories that range from 3-D, strategy, shooting, girl games and the ever most popular zombie games. There are many, many more feature games and lots of old school to choose from, but you are going to have to go to friv website to check it out. Don’t worry if you don’t see your game instantly, there is a search feature too.

This arcade style gaming website is a players dream. My nine year old daughter is a total gamer. She has used all the space on all the mobile phones in the household, downloading game apps. Her father was becoming impatient waiting for her to be done with his phone. Something had to be done. So I searched the web and then I came across and I was super excited. The Site is Fun and colorful and has everything that we all are interested in, all on one page. When I got home and showed her she was ecstatic. Friv website has all those new popular games without the apps that take up your time downloading, your money and your space on your mobile devices. It is all here on one website. There is no downloading just signing in on your computer, phone, laptop or tablet. No more frustration of waiting for game apps to download and take all your mobile devices memory.

When you register and sign up with Friv games website you have the option to make great new friends. With your new friends you can send and receive messages, play one another and compare high scores. With friv, you can never lose because the more you play the more points you will gain. Yes, friv websites has points to prizes program. The kids will play, win, gain points and trade them for prizes. The more you or your child play the better they get, the better they get the more wins, the more wins, the more points for prizes. My daughter and her friends are all registered and playing and receiving there points and prizes.

Friv games website is not just a child’s delight but a player’s as well. There are tons of old school games that I find myself playing. I am also a registered player. I find that I prefer to sit down and play at my computer or my tablet. I too like the different options of games to choose from. I find old school strategy is the way to go but sometimes I am in the mood to play puzzle games. Then again there are all those classic adventure games. See I can go on and on but don’t take it from me you need to go and check it out for yourselves at There is no age requirement, it is fun for all. This website is mother approved, kid approved and definitely gamer approved.

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