How Explainer Videos Can Help Businesses

Online videos have seen explosive growth since it came to light that when determining search engine rankings, Google’s algorithm considers the length of time spent by users on a website. Because of their proven effectiveness and affordability for a business, explainer videos have seen a boom in their popularity. They are considered an excellent and beneficial marketing tool for every online business, regardless of its size. In simple terms, an explainer video lasts for one to two minutes and is made for introducing a product, service or company and answers some obvious and natural questions that users may have. Here are some of the reasons why all businesses will benefit from explainer videos:

•    Increase Conversion Rates

According to a recent research, if there is an explainer video accompanying a product, 85% people are more likely going to buy it. They can be used by a budding business to ascertain the number of visitors of their website who turn into actual clients. While businesses consider sales when determining the popularity of a product, the number of views on an explainer video is a great way to judge the interest of the potential customers.

•    State the Product Objective

Text is very tricky because it can be interpreted by people in several ways. The beauty of explainer videos is that they eliminate the guesswork that’s involved in detailing the purpose and usefulness of product or service. It can be better understood by people when there is someone to explain it to them properly. Thus, with an explainer video, a business will have the opportunity of connecting with their potential customer by showing them how they are better than the competitors.

•    Generate Increased Interest

Social signals are being used by a large number of businesses for spreading word about their products and services. This is accomplished with the aid of images and videos because at least 70% of the internet population watches videos and this can generate interest automatically.

•    Better Rankings in Search Engine

Considering the statistics, old websites don’t really perform well. Webpages containing an endless number of images and text will get lower rankings and thus lower exposure. It is also a turn off for customers who don’t want to read pages and pages about the product, but want it explained to them. It doesn’t take them more than a minute to decide if they want to purchase the product or not. There are increased chances of explainer videos catching and retaining the attention of the customer.

The video below is very helpful in regards to understanding the importance of explainer videos:

•    Increased Web Traffic

Since the dawn of YouTube, going ‘viral’ has become a very commonly used term. A video is termed viral when it seems to come out of nowhere and gains hundreds and thousands of views in a very short time. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula that can be used for this purpose, but a number of products have become popular primarily because their explainer videos went viral. Therefore, having explainer videos of the products and services and the business itself can prove to be a very rewarding decision.

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