How to Convert PDF to HTML5 With Open Source Software

When people wish to convert PDF (Portable Document Format) documents into HTML5, they will find different types of free open source software and services on the internet for this purpose. A set of online services and tools are offered by Adobe Systems with each using a different method for converting PDF documents into another format. Adobe is not the only one offering people this opportunity. There are other online tools also available that enable people to upload PDF documents from the hard drive and converting them very quickly into HTML5. Some very interesting information regarding PF to HTML5 conversion is also available here Yumpu Blog. Here are some of the several methods that can be used:

Use Adobe URL Conversion Tool For File Conversion

The Adobe Access Online Tool page should be opened via the web browser. There is a section at the bottom of the page that’s titled Adobe PDF Conversion so people need to scroll down. There is a box where the URL of the online PDF file needs to be pasted before the radio button that’s next to the HTML5 option is clicked. A drop-down box will open under ‘Platform’ that asks people to choose the operating system for which the file is being converted. The ‘Convert’ button should be pressed and the file will automatically be converted and presented.

Use Adobe Email Service for File Conversion

An email should be created for sending to the PDF to HTML5 conversion service of Adobe Systems. The email address that should be entered is  The PDF file should be added as an attachment before sending the email. There is no need to enter any text in the body. The Adobe Systems will convert the file into your desired format and will return it as an attachment via email within 72 hours.

Use ‘Convert PDF to HTML’ Tool For File Conversion

Go to the Convert PDF to HTML tool through the web browser. A file selection window can be opened by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button. Choose the PDF file that has to be converted and then click on ‘Open’. The file will be automatically uploaded to the tool. There will be a button that states convert and download that needs to be clicked. This will initiate the conversion process, which takes a couple of minutes to finish. After the conversion has finished, buttons labeled ‘Download’ and ‘Back’ will appear automatically.

The download button should be chosen as this will ensure that a zip file, which is a conversion of the PDF file into HTML5 format and will be downloaded onto the computer’s hard drive. The HTML file can be extracted to the hard drive by using any archiving utility.

Use a Website Service

There are numerous websites offering conversion of PDF files to different formats including HTML5. The process is quite easy as people just have to upload the file and initiate the conversion process. The file can be saved and downloaded on the computer once the conversion is complete.

It is a simple and easy process that doesn’t take long and people will have their desired file.

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