How to Get a Contractor’s License

Do you like taking orders or do you prefer to do the ordering? Are you a leader or a trend follower? A large number of skilled laborers don’t like working for companies and organizations because they don’t feel comfortable in taking orders. Instead of working as employees of a company, these individuals choose to become independent contractors who work by signing contracts with organizations for different jobs. A number of people choose to become contractors because they want to have the freedom of making their own schedule and spend their time doing what they like. However, people need to be licensed in order to become contractors.

A few guidelines have to be followed in order to obtain a contractors license and they are listed as follows:

1-    The first thing that people need to decide is the type of license they are looking for. The classifications of licenses can vary for every state. If individuals are looking for clarification, the simple thing they need to do is contact the State Contractor Licensing Board (CSLB) and get the answers they are looking for.
2-    The next step in the process would be to schedule a contractor’s exam. In most of the states, the applicant has to sit for a business and trade law exam. The candidate has to clear the exam if they wish to obtain a license for becoming a contractor. People can easily get their hands on the date of the exam in their particular state by visiting the CSLB website.
3-    Once the exam has been cleared, people should immediately apply for the license. This is due to the fact that the validity of the passing scores only lasts for one year from the date of the examination.
4-    Now people have to provide proof of their age, along with GED or a high school diploma and residency or proof of citizenship. Documentation has to be provided if the applicant is also a holder of licenses in any other state. Moreover, two passport sized pictures also have to be provided by the applicant.
5-    Any citations, liens or violations that resulted because of your work as a contractor have to be explained. If the contractor is working with a corporation, it is essential to make a registration with the Secretary of the State. If a conviction isn’t disclosed, then it will considered the same as trying to falsify information and pave grounds for denial.
6-    After the application has been filled out properly and all the applicable documentation has been attached, people can submit their application.
7-    A Live Scan operator can be used for getting your fingerprints processed. A packet will be received when the application is approved that will have three copies of the Live Scan form along with the instructions. The fingerprints are processed and submitted to the FBI and Department of Justice, second copy goes to the CSLB while the third is retained by the contractor.

With these steps, people can obtain a contractor’s license easily and quickly.

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