MyComms Like You Have Never Heard About It

MyComms is a community and social utility network. It plays a dual role, letting you change the face of your community for good and having fun doing so. What could be more fun than meeting new people, discovering new things and seeing life in its various shades and colors? This is the role MyComms fulfills – bring communities together, so they can positively unite their experiences, with the sole purpose of making the community a better one, and its members a happy one.

Who amongst us does not want a safe community? What would it take to create one? It will take as little as the willingness to want it safe. This willingness carries all the weight with it. The willingness to play our part, no matter how small it is, it could simply be a commitment to be nicer to people, that is it! It could be a commitment to smile more, that is it! It could be a commitment to moderate our words, that it is it! It does not have to be big.

MyComms play the role of bringing us together, bringing communities together, where each person tries to do a little good, when put together, the effect is colossal. Now tell me, who does not truly want a better community? If not, why so? I guess there is no one out there that does not yearn for a responsive, responsible, loving, caring, tolerant and understanding community.

What will it take to give to ourselves a better community? As mentioned, not much! Head over now to and within 10 seconds you would have created an account. Create a group that truly addresses your community needs or pains, and invite members of your community to be a part of it. One step at a time, one person at a time, one move at a time, one touch at a time and before we know it, we have a community budding in the spirit of friendship and flourishing in the warmth of love.

When is the right time to become a member of MyComms? When is the right time to start doing the right thing? When is the right time to start improving our communities? When is the right time to start helping others, even while helping ourselves? The answer is not far fetched, the answer is now!  Now is the acceptable time, now is the time to revive our communities, now is the time to bridge racial divides, now is the time to make small the gulf between ethnic groups, now is the time to eliminate religious dichotomies, now is the time to close the the chasm between us and them, now is the time to be a member of MyComms!

I want to appeal to all those reading this right now – your community needs you in whatever way you can be of use to it, nothing is too small. The greatest joy in life comes from sharing, for in giving we receive. It is the twin effect of giving and receiving, wrapped in a delicate balance and blended to perfection at MyComms, that makes the site truly unique.

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