Stay Healthy While Traveling On Business Trips

Business travel can be quite demanding, whether it is the bad coffee, the jet lag, the long flights or the marathon meetings. Moreover, there is always the added stress of representing ones company at board meetings, networking events and new business pitches. That is why business travellers should try their best to stay healthy while traveling on business trips. Here are actually plenty of options for them to reenergize, relax, and stay fit during a business trip.

In the Airplane

To reduce jet lag, water should be chosen over alcohol and soft drinks when flying. A healthy snack should be carried along. Once every two hours, business travellers should get up and take a brief walk at least once every 2 hours so that healthy blood circulation is maintained. Even when seated, they should try performing certain exercises, such as moving their ankles up and down.

In the Hotel Room

Each day should be started off with various exercise techniques. It should be ensured that the floor is not slippery or wet and a chair or some other piece of furniture should be used for support. Exercises that can be performed in the hotel room include standing on one leg while counting to 10, alternating between the legs or stretching the body by looking up and using the arms to reach for the ceiling.

Simply Breathe

Practicing breathing techniques is not only a simple way to stay healthy, but will also boost the energy level of a business traveller and help the voice sound confident. A comfortable position should be assumed, whether seated or standing and the fingers should be lightly placed just above the stomach. Deep breaths should be taken through the nose and should be exhaled through slightly puckered lips.

Limit the Coffee

Whenever business travellers feel the need or urge to grab a coffee, they should consider walking instead. By walking, not only will they get some much needed exercise but it will also remove them from distractions. Moreover, if they limit the coffee they consume while on a business trip, then they will not have to visit the rest room more frequently. This means that important business conversations will not have to be paused and conversations will flow more freely.

Changes in Time Zones

It is not uncommon for businessmen to travel across time zones. So, a routine that closely matches the one that they follow at home should be assumed during a business trip. Getting the same amount of sleep is recommended. Hotel rooms tend to be dry, so the body should be kept properly hydrated. Fast food and restaurant size portions should be avoided.


Business travellers who really want to step up their game for their next business trip, should begin by focusing on their health and staying healthy. If they are not healthy, they will not be able to have an enjoyable, productive and successful meeting. So, even for business, health comes first. Even something like taking a practical driving test and driving on their own in a foreign country will help them be active and fit, far more than they would if they just travel in the bus or a cab.

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