Successful Leaflet Distribution – How to achieve it?

The leaflets are without doubt the most popular marketing material used by business owners to promote particular product or service. Although, many of them feel this method is ineffective, studies suggest the complete opposite. According to data published by the Direct Marketing Association, leaflet distribution is the method that achieves highest response rates when compared with other channels such television, radio and newspapers. Furthermore, it’s the most cost-effective one among all.

Although, leaflet distribution doesn’t seem really complex, most business owners fail because of poor planning, organization and failing to choose the most effective leaflet distribution method. In this article, I will provide detailed information about the most common methods for distributing your leaflets and advice on how to make them really successful.

Door To Door Leaflet Distribution

Without the most popular method for leaflet delivery is door to door distribution, but the truth is that this method may be ineffective in some niches. If your potential customers can be found in residential houses within targeted area, this is the most effective solution for you.

Some businesses that can definitely benefit from door to door leaflet distribution are resident services such as floor sanding and refinishing, cleaning and housekeeping. If you go for delivery services performed by professional agency, you will have to choose between solo and shared leaflet distribution. The main differences between these methods are their price and exposure – solo leaflets are more expensive, but ensure maximum exposure, while shared leaflet distribution is cheaper, but your leaflet will be delivered with others, so you lose exposure.

Remember to get quotes from as many leaflet distribution companies as possible to select the best price available. Make sure that the service package selected will include reporting and will be handled by professional team.

Hand To Hand Leaflet Distribution

If you can effectively market your product or services at popular public locations such as shopping centers, concerts, school events, trade shows, conferences and industry exhibitions, then hand to hand leaflet distribution is your best choice. With that leaflet distribution method, you will reach out your prospects directly on public places and even make short sales pitch to increase your success rates. If executed properly, hand to hand leaflet distribution can have massive impact on your sales and help you rapidly grow your customer base after even the first campaign.

Timing is also essential for the successful hand to hand leaflet distribution, as it directly affects your exposure. If you select the right time for your leaflet handout, you can rapidly increase the success of your marketing campaign.

Examples of successful hand to hand leaflet distributions are fashion store promoting their services at shopping centers in busy weekends and in some cases you might want to reach out to people going home from work on a train or other public transport, so that they can keep the leaflet and review it later on at home.


To make your leaflet distribution campaign a real success, you need to carefully plan and organize it, in order to make the right choice for delivery method. If you go for services offered by professional leaflet distribution team, you can get their advice on choosing target area, locations and timing for the campaign. 

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