Teaching Phonic Awareness With MaxPhonics

A close look at the public school curriculum will show that instructions concerning the use of computers are given to students in the first grade. However, it isn’t until the fourth grade that they start the ‘Type to Learn’ process. This means that there is a complete three years gap before children are provided instructions about how to type. Has anyone ever thought about the potential of enhancing the learning process of the students in these three years? Computer instruction can make a huge difference in three years and can be provided to the students with the help of smartphones such as the iPhone and tablet computers like the iPad.

Currently, in the case of elementary students, the use of computers in at least 15 different countries is only associated with playing games. There is no doubt that it would be beneficial not just for the students, but also for the parents, if this use of computers and other devices is moved to a higher frequency. This can be done with ease by utilizing mobile applications on smartphones and tablet computers for the purpose of developing vital writing, reading and research skills. The learning industry has been revolutionized with the creation of such educational applications that can have better outcomes as compared to typical classroom methods.

MaxPhonics is also such an application that has been launched by MaxScholar to create phonic awareness amongst children belonging to different age groups. Children need to have phonemic awareness i.e. the ability of recognizing and distinguishing words based on their sounds because this can have a major impact on their ability of reading, speaking and writing in the future. They need to have a strong foundation and that’s exactly what MaxPhonics can provide. It has used the platform of smartphones and tablet computers in a positive way by creating such a comprehensive and effective program for learners of all ages.

It is a multisensory learning tool that can be used for enhancing the auditory, visual and kinesthetic skills of children while they are still in their formative years. The program uses an approach that has been tested to ensure it has the ability of rendering the desired results. The application just isn’t focused on giving instructions. As MaxPhonics has been designed for young ones, it contains a number of interesting and engaging exercises that can test their abilities and teach them valuable lessons at the same time.

The program can be used as a complete and comprehensive course that lasts for about 500 hours and covers different aspects such as blends, vowels, digraphs, consonants and PreK. The modules have been broken down into chapters for making instruction easy for parents. The application has a user friendly interface so it can be operated by even those who aren’t very comfortable with technology. MaxPhonics can be purchased from the Apple App Store at a reasonable price, allowing parents to save thousands of dollars and using an easily accessible and mobile application for instructing their children in order to build a strong foundation. More information about app can be found here.

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