Apple’s New Event: What to Expect

On Thursday, Apple will have the chance of providing the market with a few compelling reasons why they should buy or upgrade to a new iPad. The second event of the company in many months probably will not have the same flash seen in the previous one, which marked the debut of Apple’s iWatch and the launch of two larger iPhones. Instead, it is expected that the company will unveil a new iPad, or maybe two, along with new Macs and will also shed some light on its OS X Yosemite operating system that the company is introducing for its desktop. The presentation will be held at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California and is being considered a low-key affair.

While the iPhone is still the dominant revenue engine for the American giant as it contributes to more than half of the company’s sales, the firm is more than ready to give its other businesses a good boost. The main event will be the new version of the iPad, which is currently facing questions over whether its declining sales are a troubling trend or simply a temporary hiccup. As far as the tablet is concerned, instead of asking what nifty feature will be added to the new iPad, people are wondering if there is any need for them to upgrade their fully functional iPad?

In the last two quarters, the performance of the iPad has illustrated this mentality because of declining sales in the far year and even below Wall Street expectations. This trend is expected to continue for this quarter as well, which will be reported by the iPhone maker four days after its event on October 16th. Pressure has been mounting on the company because of the myriad of cheap tablets that have flooded the tablet market. Even though Apple wasn’t the first firm to make a tablet, it was the first to make one that really caught the consumers.

The app store, the sleek design and touchscreen capabilities of the first iPad that was introduced in 2010 were an attractive package for millions of buyers. Over time, the iPad also became a prominent revenue driver for the firm and is the second moneymaker after the iconic iPhone. Copycat devices have been built by everyone from China’s Xiaomi to Microsoft Corp. However, not big enough changes have been made to the iPad by the company to compel even the most ardent fans of the tablet to buy the newest model.

According to analysts, this is probably because tablets are a nice device to have, but aren’t necessary enough to convince people to replace them with the latest models. Nonetheless, even though the iPad will be the most anticipated device at this event, Mac updates are also expected This includes the latest operating system of the company called the Mac OS X Yosemite and some new hardware as well. Even though Mac computers don’t generate the same amount of money as the iPhone and iPad, they are still highly important for the company.

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