Need Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement or Both?

Great sales leads and eloquent pitches can only take a business so far. Today, closing a deal is more complex than ever before. When you are equipped with the right tools, you are bound to see more bottom-line success. After all, isn’t that what most companies are striving for – to close sales, to turn leads into sales? Certainly, in most instances turning prospects into sales has a human component, but isn’t there some science behind all of this? At RO|nnovation, they certainly think so.

Consider how the use of sales enablement products help an organization to more finely tune the customer interactions so that there is more impact during those times of contact. After all, some face-to-face meetings are hard won; with schedules having to be coordinated and the pull to use technology in place of personal interaction has to be overcome. If customers are impressed with what you know and understand about their needs, they are likely to give you time to make your case, and an opportunity to close a sale. Even digital contacts need to be spot on in order for a company to appreciate that someone has taken a slice of their time. Using sales enablement is like having a wide window view into the operations, needs and desires of each client so the communications to them is on point. Another case in point – if you can deliver the pitch and other content in a compact, but impactful way; you will have time to move through your prospect list with more efficiency. It boils down to managing your time better, and getting more done in your time blocks. ROI Enablement is one dynamic purpose-built solution that can help.

With this solution, an organization of any size can target certain prospects for automated messages and materials and then track and measure the engagement of these prospects with that content.

As one hiring management company indicated, RO applications turned their situation around and gave them some additional reasons to follow up with prospects. Other customers provide similar comments about the high impact of the materials provided by ROI Enablement tools.

Studies show that there are optimum times to engage with prospects. When companies have RO applications, they get tools that help them to target these times. In addition, there are references that demonstrate a higher return on sales deals. By using RO applications companies can utilize those key references for maximum impact.

Right timing, right messages, right references and a reasonable price has put RO|nnovation front and center in the sales enablement and marketing automation field.

For almost a decade, they’ve equipped venture-funded companies, large global enterprises and everything in-between with the tools to enhance their sales and marketing strategies and launch them into higher and greater success in markets that increasingly demand premium performance.

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