Parcel East; Making Online Shopping Easier

With the internet, it has become possible for people all over the globe to learn about the different types of things that are available. However, looking is one thing and buying is another. Can you actually purchase what you are looking it? It isn’t just financial problems that prevent people from shopping; overseas customers find it very difficult to purchase anything from American merchants for several reasons. First off, delivery services may not be offered or may be too steep for individuals to be able to afford them. This is where Parcel East steps in and acts as an intermediary between overseas customers and American merchants, allowing the former to shop at American auctions and online stores.

The company began providing its services in 2012 and is based primarily in Florida. However, Parcel East provides dozens of addresses all over the US to make it easier for people to shop from anywhere. The company is aware of the frustrations encountered by overseas customers when they want to shop online at American marketplaces. It isn’t necessary for the customers to speak English fluently, have a mailing address in the US and even have a credit card. Parcel East handles all the problems relating to communication, payment and shipping.

Overseas customers are dealt in the same way as domestic ones and they can focus on their shopping without worrying about payment, shipping and handling. Various payment methods are offered for the convenience of the customers. The pricing system is clear and very straightforward and shows customers what and how they need to pay up-front. When auctions are involved, Parcel East acts as an agent of their customers and deals with the negotiations, saving them a headache. Moreover, the problems associated with customs and other regulations are also handled by them so individuals have no worries at all and can enjoy the experience of online shopping.

The process of using their services is also quite easy and simple. Here are the steps that people need to follow:

1-    The first step is to register on the website It doesn’t take people longer than a couple of minutes to sign up for an account.
2-    Once they have registered, they will be provided a list of addresses offered by the company. When placing orders, any of these addresses can be used by individuals. Details of the transaction like tracking number and order description should be provided so the company can check the items physically and keep track of the order.
3-    When the order is received by Parcel East, they take photographs and upload them to the user’s account to help in verification. Now, people need to figure out how they want the parcels shipped.
4-    The packages can be shipped right away or can also be bundled with several orders for saving shipping costs.
5-    It takes 24 hours for the shipping request to be processed as Parcel East aims to deliver the goods as quickly as possible.

Thus, people can get their orders delivered at their doorstep at reasonable prices and without the hassle.

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