Purchasing Cheap Phones Without A Service Plan

Many wireless phone users have been bound to a single phone provider for a long time. Prospective buyers often agree the contract terms merely because they want to receive those discounts given when purchasing new phones. In most cases they fail to recognize or are unaware of other alternatives. However, it is possible for wireless phone buyers to acquire a phone without signing contracts. They won’t necessarily benefit from the financial rewards associated with signing long term commitment but will be free to change service providers or even phones whenever they wish to.
Finding cheap phones without having to sign a contract
First, it is good to know that not all phones can be purchased without having to sign a contract. Only the GSM phones, including those phones manufactured for and distributed by AT&T mobile, can be purchased this way. For phones created for Verizon and Sprint, however, the buyer may still be forced to sign a contract as these phones are rarely available without a contract. This is because the Verizon and Spirit phones use a different technology called CDMA.
Next, the buyer will be forced to go outside of the traditional phone suppliers and their endorsed dealers to buy the phone. The best place to purchase the phone may be through online vendors. Even though these online stores may be lacking the big name recognition, they will offer a selection of wireless phones which can be bought and used without having to sign a commitment. It is as simple as sliding in the SIM card and off it goes.
Watch Company is Best For Non Contractual Service
AT&T is a good company to entertain if you’re looking for pre-paid phones that don’t require a contract. The great thing about AT&T non-contract service is that unlike other service providers your outbound call quality won’t take a dip just because you opted out of their long term commitment plan. Shockingly you get the same quality service as you would if you subscribed to a 2 year commitment plan. You even get the same features include three way messaging, video chat and internet browsing.
The applications are the same as well and don’t cost you any extra. You can download applications to monitor breaking news locally, track storms and crime alerts nearby. You can even use your AT&T phone to read restaurant review, and google anything you like. Just like a traditional desktop or laptop, you can use your AT&T phone to google search anything like “home security systems in Indianapolis” and get instant results.
What are the limitations of purchasing wireless phones without signing Contracts?
The main limitation is usually price. By signing a contract, the supplier, which happens to be the service provider, is guaranteed to collect a lot of money from the buyer over the next 1 to 2 years so they may not mind giving some substantial discounts on the price of the cell phone. Some phones acquired through contract signing may also be free; others are cheaper by several hundred dollars. However, if you can obtain a phone without a contract at considerably good discount then you are far better off, as the long-term gain will be more.
Another disadvantage of buying wireless phones without signing a commitment is that the buyer may not find the exact phone they are looking for. Since some wireless phones cannot be unlocked, these phones are not available for sale without signing a contract. However, if the buyer finds and buys unlocked wireless phone of their choice, then they will have greater flexibility with the cell phone than could be possible with the locked phones purchased through contracts.
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