SAP Order Management: Tips to Streamline Processes

One of the problems with managing the sales order process has to do with how orders come in. For example, it’s not uncommon for orders to arrive via both fax and email. What if you could digitize all orders from diverse sources, validate them, and optimize the entire order management process? What if you could standardize the order process while still allowing your customers to place orders the way they prefer? Use the tips below to get the best of both worlds and streamline your SAP order management process:

Allow Diverse Ordering but Implement a Process to Capture Orders from Diverse Sources

While it may be tempting to move completely to EDI, not all customers are willing or able to use it. SAP solutions are available that allow you to capture fax and email orders and treat them like EDI orders.

At the same time, the format of your orders may vary dramatically from customer to customer. Automated order capture workflows can be created to handle multiple sources and formats, speeding order processing dramatically.

Use Automated Order Processing Technology

Using automated order processing technology such as Dolphin’s Process Tracking System for Customer Order Management allows you to capture, process, and analyze all orders from a diverse set of sources such as emails, faxes, hard copies, and electronic orders. With such a system in place, all orders become accessible via SAP interfaces bringing both visibility and control.

Automated order processing technology enhances productivity by reducing the number of errors and the amount of time spent managing orders; it increases competitiveness by improving cash flow and reducing order processing and storage costs; and it ultimately improves customer satisfaction by improving on-time delivery and allowing customers to track their orders in real time.

Streamline the Order Management Process with Automation Rather than More People

By choosing an automated solution, you can improve efficiency without adding employees. A more streamlined order management process also frees key personnel for more important tasks.

Streamline the SAP order management process with Dolphin’s Process Tracking System for SAP Customer Order Management. Process Tracking System provides a unified dashboard view, allowing your entire team deep insights into the sales order process, and a complete set of order capture, processing, and management tools.

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