Some Interesting Facts About Speedlancer

The first ever freelancing platform to harness the power of the crowd for speed of delivery is Speedlancer. In simple terms, this online project platform enables users to outsource a number of tasks to experienced freelancers. The difference with Speedlancer is that all tasks must be completed within four hours.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, this enterprising start-up company tested the market in early 2014 by recruiting freelancers and users to deliver quality tasks to clients within the agreed four-hour timescale. As the brainchild of Adam Stone, the concept was to take advantage of the unique methodology of crowdsourcing to get quality work done quickly within a competitive marketplace. The target market of Speedlancer is business owners who are interested in increasing productivity by outsourcing tasks with a speedy response time to reduce their own workload.  This online platform of quality freelancers can be extremely useful when time is money.

The real benefit of Speedlancer is the fact that multiple tasks can be performed in parallel and this is highly beneficial for business owners looking to complete a project fast. Speedlancer dictates that once the project has been outsourced and accepted, it should be completed within 4 hours, whereas normally it would have taken days to complete the same task. Startups will also find this online freelancer marketplace extremely useful for them, especially if they wish to launch MVP (minimum viable product) on an immediate basis in order to test their concepts and get results soon for proper and complete analysis.

As previously outlined, the Speedlancer turnaround time is promised beforehand and cannot exceed 4 hours. Curated and highly qualified Speedlancers will be able to accomplish a fast data entry research task, fast writing project or a fast design job within this time. Operating internationally around the clock, Speedlancer is able to provide coverage for worldwide clients by distributing their team in different time zones so they can accommodate customers 24/7. Clients can rest assured that only Native English speakers are hired as writers for website content, press releases etc. to ensure the highest standards of English grammar and spelling.

The Speedlancer concept is quite straightforward. Clients or businesses submit details about the job they need done, whether it is an article, press release, a comprehensive design project or a research-centered task. Speedlancer has plans to expand its initial writing and design services to provide a range of other online services to businesses and individuals in the near future. The title, budget and job description has to be created, after which the task is sent into the Speedlancer queue. Workers who are qualified to perform the job will immediately see the task and, if available, will claim the task and the four-hour countdown begins. It usually takes around 10 minutes for the task to be accepted.

The reassuring part about Speedlancer is that quality is guaranteed as one revision to the delivered work can be requested free of charge. In the unlikely event that the task is not up to standard in any way, a refund can be demanded or the task can be entered into the queue again for being re-done by someone else. While pricing is dependent on the task, the price should be increased if the job doesn’t get acceptance in 8 hours. A small share of the fee is taken by the company before forwarding the balance to the freelancer who completed the job. Unlike other freelancer websites, the four-hour guaranteed turnaround time is what makes Speedlancer a unique service in the freelancer marketplace.

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