Use This Clever Way to Clean a Mac Super Drive

Cleaning your mac super drive is relevant to keeping it in tip top shape. A mac that is out of sorts can be frustrating as it can cause you to be less productive. There is a heavy reliance on mac computers to always be better performers than windows. While it has outclassed their lesser counterparts in most area, mac computers are not without issues. Plenty mac users have never used or have any reason to use the super drive but having t readily available just in case it becomes a necessity to utilize it is always a good idea.

Characteristics of a SuperDrive That Has one Bad

Whether you were hoping to watch a movie, copy information from disks to your computer or whichever one of the myriad of possibilities that exist for you to use your super drive, a heavy feeling of disappointment will rest on you if you release that is no longer working. Your super Drive is out of sorts if it sits back out your inserted disks continuously or if the discs stay in the slot but takes forever to load or never really does.

A Neat Idea to Have Your Super drive Cleaned

Though the first option is always to get a CD or DVD cleaner and power off your mac, this option might not always work so trying another option might actually yield better result. Start by obtaining an old out of use credit card. Use a strip of cloth to wrap around the credit card, being careful to hold it lengthwise between your thumb and forefinger. It is important to use cloth that is lint free to prevent dust and other particles from interfering. Use lens cleaner to dab on the underneath of the cloth and then insert it into the left side of the slot drive. Be sure to insert it as close to the corner as possible. Keep removing and inserting the card carefully into the drive. If the fluid has evaporated as they normally do, add a little more and continue. After you have inserted and removed the card about four or five times.

Regular System Cleaning

Cleaning your SuperDrive on your mac can help remove the frustration of having a SuperDrive and not being able to use it. There are a number of methods that might work for others and this might be your last option after a number of failed attempts to have your super drive up and running again. Your computer might have a variety of problems that can only be solved by using a software such as Onyx mac Cleaner or a manual clean might be necessary such as removing files manually or doing a ,annual clean such as the one we indicated.

Regular cleaning is a great wait to avoid unnecessary problems or delays when using your mac. You can download free mac cleaner to adequately run a regular scan, or monitor the system performance and take action before it gets serious. Check your super drive regular and see if it is still in an operable condition. This will prevent future disappointment for when you really need to use it. Sometimes the problems with super drive lies with dust getting in the slot and compromising the lens. The result is that the drive becomes incapable of reading the disc information

Precautionary Measures

If you are worried about damaging your computer lens using the lens cleaner you can skip that step and proceed using only the cloth wrapped around the credit card. Using any type of fluid can easily damage your system if you are not careful.

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