5 Creative Ways to Save At the Store

There are many creative ways you can save money. The problem is that most people do not pay attention to some of the little expenses they make every day. There are many things you could change for the better, if you paid attention to how you spending. Here are some ways you could save money.

Banking Fees

The amount of money you spend on banking fees can be reduced significantly, if you tracked down the fees and make a point of checking the details before opening an account. If you do not know what type of account is best suited for you, you can call or visit your local branch. Customer representatives working in these banks can recommend the best option.

Online banking is another thing you should consider. The amounts of money you can save range from $4 to over $25 per month. On top of that, online banking is more convenient.

Another way to save money is to ensure you budget for all the significant expenses you make. Impulse buying is often as a result of lack of planning. There are Apps that you could use to track your budget and plan. These apps have a psychological impact on your behavior, since they keep you conscious of your decisions.

Buy In Bulk

The most common advice on saving on household items is to buy in bulk. But to buy in bulk, you need to plan, so that you know how much is too much. There are things that you can buy as much as you want, such as soaps, butter, and margarine, but you need to be careful not to buy too much.

Coupons as a way to save money on shopping, is often underrated. It is not hard to find these coupons, if you keep track of them. Once you get good offers, you can choose to buy in bulk. The savings from buying in bulk, coupled with great offers can yield a lot in terms of savings.

Home and Personal care

If you want to save a considerable amount of money while still having fun, you should try making your own stuff at home. For example, detergents used for washing the floor or surfaces can be made from materials that are readily available around the home like vinegar etc.

Another creative way is to look for free stuff on Craigslist. There are many people who want to get rid of items around the home and they feel selling these items may take too long, so they give them for free. You’d be surprised at the items people have given for free. For example trampolines, basket hoops, toys, etc. Some items may be broken or need some fixing, but they are still valuable given that you will be get them for free.

Figure 1: A free Trampoline advertised on Craigslist

Electricity, Water, and Other Bills 

To save on water, turn off the water when applying soap on the dishes, or on your body when taking a shower. There are showers designed specifically to help you cut down the amount of water you use.

To save money on electricity bills, consider switching to LED lights not only produce crisp white light, but they can save a lot of money. Consider also getting remote controlled lights. This makes it convenient to switch off the lights from wherever you are around your house. For example, if kids forget to switch off the lights, you can simply switch it from across the house.

Figure 2: Led Lights for Homes

You can also share your internet connection and other expenses with family, friends, or neighbors. If you review your unlimited broadband, you may realize you do not need all that bandwidth and therefore you can split it with neighbors.

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