Flyzoo; The Ideal Chat Plugin

Offering live support on a website has become the norm these days because that’s what customers expect. If a business wishes to increase the conversions of visitors into customers and boost sales, it is essential to offer live support chat, which can be used by the customer for contacting the business and resolving their queries instantly. Even though other methods such as email are also offered for the same purpose; live support chat is more appreciated because it provides instant results. Any website that wishes to offer this feature on their website can use the chat and social widget called Flyzoo. It is the perfect chat for a website, regardless if it’s a blog, community, online shop or even a social network.

This plugin has gained considerable popularity over its competitors as it offers twofold benefits to its users; not only can it be used for setting up live customer support, but it can also be used for providing chat rooms to the visitors. This means that customers can engage in private and one-to-one conversations with the webmaster and they can also take part in conversations with each other through chat rooms. With the live support plugin, a business is able to get to know its customers more personally and drive sales.

Some of the notable features of this plugin are discussed below:

  • With live support, a business can welcome visitors on the website and invite them to contact and chat with you when you are offline.
  • The plugin allows a website to embed chat rooms into different pages with a PRO plan or shortcode. The group chats are fully featured and come loaded with media content, moderation, avatars and emoticons.
  • The plugin enables the websites to get information and insights about their visitors that can be useful in enhancing customer support, giving sales a solid boost.
  • It is not necessary to incorporate chat rooms into a page because the option of pop-up windows is also offered. As they open in an external window, a better user experience can be provided.
  • The chat feature is completely customizable so websites can choose their colors, features, dock layouts, greeting messages when they are online and offline and many other options.
  • As Flyzoo is cloud-based, the live chat plugin is hosted on the latest technologies so it ensures that the server isn’t overburdened and also provides speedy delivery of messages.
  • Existing WordPress accounts can be used for login and chatting. People can also use their Facebook ids and even their email and passwords.
  • Multiple moderators and operators can be used and the requests for live support will automatically be routed to the first operator that’s available.
  • The chat feature is attractive and eye catching so it will improve the aesthetics of a website. You can give your website a sleek and elegant look with Flyzoo.
  • Setting up this website plugin is immensely easy so no technical expertise is needed by people for installing it onto your website.
  • Hence, with Flyzoo, a website can retain visitors and improve sales and conversions.

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