How Often Furnace Filters Toronto Should be Cleaned?

For decades now, majority of the heating experts have recommended that homeowners should either inspect or replace their furnace filters on a monthly basis. At that time, the filters, which can still be seen on some standard furnaces today, were usually an inch-thick and had fiberglass pads. The gaps between the fibers were so wide that people could easily see the other side through them. Thus, these filters were practically useless for keeping the tiny particles that could cause lung damage at bay. They could only block larger particles that could inflict damage on the furnace. However, today, people have plenty of other options at their disposal.

Nowadays, it is recommended that people use high-efficiency pleated filters that come with a built-in electrostatic charge. The most renowned brand of these filters is Filtrete, which greatly resembles felt, as it would look if it were pressed into a zigzag pattern. The surface area of the filter is greatly increased through these folds so the amount of air that flows through is similar despite the fact that the medium of the filter is a much better and finer sieve. As per the results that were obtained through laboratory tests on these filters, they are able to remove about 90% of the pet dander and mold.

The electrostatic charge acts like a magnet and is able to grab smaller particles like bacteria, those that carry viruses and even the soot in smog and smoke. If not filtered, these particles have the tendency of lodging in the lungs and can give rise to health problems. It is recommended by manufacturers that high-efficiency furnace filter Toronto should be replaced every three months. However, it is essential for people to inspect the filters on a monthly basis. If the filters look clogged and dark, they should immediately be replaced.

The problem is that switching to higher-efficiency filters means that they need to be replaced frequently and this can be quite expensive. Therefore, some homeowners will stick to low-efficiency filters even if good quality air is important for them. This is due to the fact that even if people forget to replace the old-style filters, it isn’t such a big deal. The dirt that has been accumulated by the fibers will enable them to block smaller particles as well and the air can still get through the filter efficiently. In contrast, when the newer filters become clogged, they can greatly reduce the air flow.          

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation made an investigation whether switching to a better filter improved the quality of air in the house. Different filters were used, but the actual difference in the quality of air was very little. This is because most of the dust in the house becomes airborne when people move around and the filter can only suck dust that’s settled. Furthermore, it operates only periodically so it doesn’t remove much. Running furnace filters Toronto all the time can be costly, so it is better for people to reduce the amount of dust they stir up in the house.

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