“iTechnician” The Popular Apple Device Repair Network Launches In The US

Apple devices have undoubtedly changed the way we live – their ease of use, fantastic range of apps and sheer portability have made their users totally dependent on them for many aspects of day to day life. Thereby hangs a problem – they are so much part of our lives that we take them everywhere, and this leaves them vulnerable to being damaged by drops, hard knocks and moisture ingress if they come into contact with liquids. It’s bad news for the owners of Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods and mac computers, but great news for the people who offer iPhone repair and other Apple device repair services.

Al Lijee, Director of iTechnician recognized a short while ago that there was a gap in the market; he realized that there was a need for a simple method to get people with damaged iPhones, iPads, iPods or mac computers linked up quickly and easily with expert Apple device repairers, and so he launched iTechnician.co.uk in the UK to fill that gap. “We insist that network members provide a high quality customer-focused repair service at competitive prices” says Al Lijee. “Since launch, we have established a comprehensive UK wide network of quality iTechnician repair centers, our site is popular within Google search results, and the technicians in the repair centers are benefitting from the literally thousands of repair enquiries that come through our site each month” he states confidently.

Having established the largest Apple device repair network in the United Kingdom, Al Lijee decided to branch out into the United States, because the US is one of the biggest markets for Apple devices and therefore has the greatest need for access to high quality, affordable Apple device repairs. The US website called iTechnician.net recently went live, and Al Lijee and his team are now in the process of welcoming US based iPhone, iPad, iPod and mac repair centers and technicians to come and join the network.

Al Lijee is proud of what he and his team have achieved; “There are clear benefits in being part of our network, as there is no charge for joining, the site is bright, attractive and easy to use, and fully supported by our website experts. This leaves the repair technicians free to play to their strengths, and simply provide the best quality repair services they can.” All the end customer needs to do to find a repair center is input their ZIP code, state which model of iPhone, iPad, iPod or mac they would like to get repaired and choose a repair center from a list. If the customer would like an up-front quote for their repair work, this is provided directly to them by the repair technicians.

The combination of an easy to use, attractive website and US-wide network of repair centers is a winner, and it is anticipated that iTechnician US will be as much a success as the UK site, so if you are an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod or mac repair technician who goes that extra mile to provide high quality repair services, customer care and competitive pricing, Al Lijee would like to offer you the opportunity to join iTechnician US and claim your share of the thousands of Apple device repair requests that will be passing through the network.

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