Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai

The recent episode of kalyanam mudhal kadhal varai starts with Arjun noting down priya’s number on the notebook. He is trying to fix an appointment with the Priya for his daughter’s Pooja’s tooth problem. Priya asks Arjun to bring Pooja to her clinic. In the meantime arjun’s mother calls the number which Arjun wrote in a piece paper. She  Priya’s land line  and then She calls Arjun’s phone and says that she is calling from a credit card company. Arjun’s lambasts her, she finally confirms that both Priya and Arjun are together. She is extremely happy that something like love is blossoming between Arjun and Priya. Both are in a very happy situation and happy mood.

It is already deep in the night when Arjun takes Pooja to Priya’s clinic. On reaching priya’s clinic he asks priya to examine pooja. Pirya then examines pooja carefully for some and then starts commencing the treatment. She asks them how much time Poona brushes her teeth. Argon’s says that he does not know anything about it. Poona says that she eats ten times chocolate and brushes her teeth 4 times. Praia is not all amazed about the reply. In the meantime Argon is seen with the phone discussing some official business with one of his office colleague. This conversation is lengthy and is going on for a long time. In the meantime Praia is treating Poona for a short time Praia is seen seeing Argon in conversation and somehow she is not at all impressed with it. She is surprised and angry at the same time. She is wondering why Argon was like that as he  always devote his time for  work and she feels that Argon  does not have any time for his daughter. Time goes on in the clinic and we see Praia is treating Poona f
or her tooth problem. Finally the whole treatment comes to an end. She is now closing her clinic.When the examination and treatment is over, Poona asks Praia to come with them in the car. Since both pray and Argon are living in the same building pray agrees and finally follows them in Argon’s car. As they drive there is Absolute silence and no type of conversation takes place. As they carry on for sometime Poona falls sleeps in pria’s lap. Argon due to some tension drives his car rashly. Praia is not all amazed and she asks Argon to drive slowly. Argon then realises his mistake drives slowly and they ultimately reach their apartment.

Argon’s mother gets up in the morning and finds out that both Argon and her granddaughter Poona are missing. She goes to every room to find out. She calls her younger daughter and asks her whether she knew where Argon was. Her daughter is not happy as is being disturbed in her sleep.  finally Argon’s mother comes out of her apartment. She finds the neighbours’ dog eating something from their dust bin. It has made the entire place a mess and she is not happy at all.

This episode of KMKV stars with Arjun’s mother picking up a quarrel with Priya’s mother. She complains that the Priya’s mother is solely responsible for her dog to come scatter her dustbin lying in front of her door. Priya’s mother is not happy with the accusation. She quickly picks up the quarrel with her neighbor and starts shouting at her. The quarrelling goes on for sometime. Priya’s father intervenes and also gets involved in the bloody wordy quarrel. Arjun’s asks Priya’s mother to seek an apology and say sorry to her for all what happened. Priya’s mother refuses the quarrel starts once again.

In the meantime Priya comes out of the car of Arjun and tells him to wait near the car. She says that she would go upstairs and then call him. When Priya reaches her apartment she is surprised to see her mother is in serious quarrel with Arjun’s mother. She intervenes and asks her mother to stop and go inside. She apologizes to Arjun’s mother. Arjun’s mother wants Priya’s mother apologize and not her. With a lot of deliberation, she drags her mother back to her apartment. She then goes to the window and sees Arjun waiting in the car park. She signals to him that he should come up. Arjun finally picks up his sleeping daughter from the car and starts going to his apartment.

Arjun’s reaches his apartment and puts is the daughter in the bed. He opens the fist of his daughter and finds an ear ring. He visualise it and comes to understand that it is priya’s. Arjun’s brother arrive and the father is making a mocking gesture to his second son. The mother supports his son and shouts at her husband. She asks her younger son what movies are running in the theatre. The son talks about the movies presently running in the theatre. She finally asks her younger son to book tickets for the evening show and also tells him to leave Arjun in the house. Arjun’s brother asks why. The mother says that this would help Arjun talk with his new lover.

This part of Kalyanam Mudhal kadhal varai becomes more interesting. Back at priya’s apartment a conversation starts between priya and sister.  Priya is seen waking up her sister.Her sister complains that she has not slept well as priya’s dog has disturbed her the entire night. Priya says that she does not like her sister complaing about her pet dog. Priya leaves to take her bath.

Priya sister is making a phone call. She asks the person on the phone to come to the theatre that evening so that they can meet each other. Priya listens and questions her sister about it. Priya’s sister refuses to give out any information. They are both in heated conversation

In the mean time the mother of the two goes closer to their room  and listens to all the conversation taking place between her daughters. The father asks his wife to fix him a coffee. She shouts at him and tells him that she is busy listening to the conversation. The husband warns her thatt his habit of listening to the conversation is bad.

This part of the Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai ends here.

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