Maximemo; Keeping Your Favorite Content at Hand

Was there a particular link that you liked? You probably emailed it to yourself so you could look at it again. Some text or article may have touched you enough to keep it on your USB stick. But, when you try to find it again, you have to go through lots of files that you have saved. Likewise, you may have saved a page on your favorite browser, but when you aren’t home; there is no way to get your hands on that page. This can be immensely frustrating for people. Luckily, they can take advantage of social bookmarking with Maximemo.

This is the ideal tool for indulging in social bookmarking i.e. keeping everything you like in one like. It acts as a community reminder that can be used by people for collecting, organizing and storing their notes. In simple terms, Maximemo can be regarded by people as their own library where they can store notes, photos and webpages in an organized manner. Gone are the days when they had to search through thousands of files to find the one they need. With Maximemo, organizing becomes a piece of cake as it allows users to make individual tabs for different types of content.

For instance, users can have a separate tab for vacation where they can store any vacation photographs, articles about popular vacation spots and other relevant content. In this way, they will know exactly where to go when they want to find anything related to vacation. It is extremely easy for people to use Maximemo and users can fit their content in a single page. The New Memo option can be used for entering your text or link to a webpage. There is a separate button for creating a tab. Users have to provide a title and some description and their tab will be ready.

The most important benefit to people of using Maximemo for their social bookmarking is the fact that they can easily access their stored and saved content from anywhere in the world. Now, they don’t have to worry about having their USB stick or their laptop where they saved the link. They can just log onto Maximemo from any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone for viewing everything they have ever saved. The signing up process at Maximemo is also quite simple and straightforward. Individuals just need to visit the website, fill a form and they can start using the social book marking service.

There is no worry about cost or other expenses because this service is absolutely free of cost. Thus, just about anyone can use Maximemo for saving their articles, notes and webpages. As a matter of fact, they also have the option of sharing it. People can share their hobbies, discoveries and even create private memos if they wish. They can also follow the memos that have been shared by others, which allow them to discover and learn a lot of new things. Individuals can subscribe to any topic and they will get updates when a new and related memo is posted. 

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