Minecraft Pocket Edition – New Update 0.10.0

Last week it was confirmed via Johan Bernhardsson’s Twitter account that the new Minecraft Pocket Edition update 0.10.0 was set to be submitted to Apple. The tweet read, “there will be one more day of testing 0.10.0, then it will be submitted to Apple on Tuesday! RT” At this stage the update is being reviewed by Apple and if the historical trends regarding updates are anything to go on, the 0.10.0 should be sent on to Android within the next few weeks.

This is an exciting development as it sounds like it will be a cool update with a few impressive new features. The update to version 0.10.0 looks set to see the majority of changes represented by significant tweaks and in game improvements while a smaller percentage of the update will consist of new features.

New Features & Notable Tweaks in 0.10.0

With Minecraft’s continuing commitment to improve game play and and in game experience, this update will see plenty of additional features and bug fixes to satisfy the Pocket edition gamer.Notably adaptation for 64-bit hardware/software will allow increased speeds for 64-bit users. At the same time new support will be offered for the resolutions for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In terms of in-game changes, some of the stand out aspects of the update include day and night cycles being added to creative mode, sound for running water, fences and fence gates now available in new forms including Spruce, Birch & Acacia.

For those tired of those little glitches, the 0.10.0 update is set to include a nice long list of bug fixes including a fix of the “spawning in the air” bug and correction to speeds for cows.

Changes to Mobs should see improved speeds for walking animations, while hostile mobs spawn in groups. Slimes now have bouncing animations.

Visual tweaks include look set to include a slightly larger Sun, more rounded, PC coloured fog and a welcome change which sees clouds and the terrain now tinted blue during night and red during sunsets.

Overall it looks like a nice update from the dedicated team at Mojang and the Minecraft community will no doubt be happy with their ongoing commitment to the game and its improvement. While it is not yet clear when the Android version of the update will be ready to go in Google Play, it is presumed that the update will follow the same roll-out course as per usual. Mojang is however under scrutiny from its fans to see any sign of variation in procedure or roll-out times after it was recently purchased by Microsoft in the deal worth $2.5 Billion dollars. For fans of the game, including ourselves over at Minecraft Servers Australia, everyone remains hopeful that it will be business as usual at Mojang and the quality and consistency of updates will continue for many years to come.

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