Samsung Fires Back at Nvidia

Image Credit: AndroidCentral

Nvidia Corp has been accused by Samsung Electronics of infringing s various patents related to chips and also for making false claims about the products it has manufactured. This was simply a counter suit after Nvidia had filed a lawsuit against the South Korean giant in September. On November 4th, Samsung Electronics also filed a lawsuit against Nvidia in US federal court. The company is seeking damages for the deliberate violation of several technical patents that include some which are responsible for governing the way data is used and buffered by semiconductors.

Based in Suwon, South Korea, Samsung is the largest smartphone maker and has also accused Nvidia of undertaking false advertising as the company claimed that the world’s fastest mobile processor can be found in its Shield tablets, which is called the Tegra. Benchmarking studies have been cited by the South Korean giant, which were undertaken by researchers at Primate Labs and show that this data is false. In an emailed statement, the company stated that they had taken necessary legal action for protecting and defending their intellectual property rights and for ensuring continuous growth and advancement in the IT industry. The lawsuit was filed by Samsung after Nvidia had accused Qualcomm Inc., its rival and the Asian firm of infringing patents that are concerned with its GPU i.e. graphics processing unit.

Qualcomm and Nvidia battle with each other in business of manufacturing chips for tablets and smartphones. In September, the US chipmaker stated that Samsung and Qualcomm had used its patented technologies in Samsung’s devices without obtaining a license first. These devices included the latest ones launched by the company, namely the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. Nvidia said that the new claims against it would be reviewed first before they respond. The company said that it was looking forward to showing how its patents had been used without proper licensing.

Companies have a tendency of using the court for marketing and this tactic was previously used by Apple and Samsung for the purpose of ‘innovation’. The same tactic is being used again by the South Korean firm as it claims that the processor in its Galaxy Note 4, the Exynos 5433 is the fastest processor, according to a couple of benchmarks. Nvidia couldn’t resist making a response to this statement from Samsung and published a chart of its own, which pits the processors of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Shield Tablet.

A battery of tests are performed on both the processors, which included a dozen benchmarking suits, showing that Shield’s processor is faster. However, it could be claimed that since Nvidia conducted the tests, the results could be biased. Therefore, it will be users who can determine the better option by conducting their own tests. It was also asserted by Nvidia that the South Korean firm dragged Velocity Micro, one of its customers, into the lawsuit primarily for the purpose of keeping the lawsuit in the State of Virginia as there is a faster trial time in this jurisdiction.

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