SimpleOne; Optimizing Your Business for Good

Advancement in information technology has revolutionized every industry with the introduction of unique and useful software. That’s also applicable to the real estate industry. SimpleOne is a software that can be used by owners of rental property for streamlining their rental process to make it easy to use for clients and manageable for the owners themselves. It can be regarded as an all-in-one software solution that caters to each and every need of the owner, allowing them to get more property bookings, becoming efficient and thereby having happy and satisfied customers. Managers can save time and still get their properties rented out during vacations and other times of the year as well.

With the presence of SimpleOne, property managers don’t even have to hire an assistant because that’s exactly what this software can act like. The software can be synced with the inbox where it goes through the inquiries and obtains leads, advising the manager about the necessary action. The software also enables them to keep track of the status of the different leads and serves reminders for sending follow up emails to customers. SimpleOne will be able to determine the lead for a specific property when properties are set up. This can be done by adding the different listing numbers of the properties on various listing sites. Read more in this regard on

Even if the inquiry is sent from a different listing site, the software will still be able to recognize it. SimpleOne also aids managers in determining the right action that should be taken for a particular lead if they are overwhelmed with numerous inquiries at the same time. Managers will know when they have to respond to a customer, collect the payment or send a contract. Apart from that, this software is also an excellent tool for storing and managing customer information for future use, if and when they need to be contacted.

SimpleOne keeps track of the properties that a particular customer was interested in and if they did make the bookings. When required, the invoices and contracts of the customers can also be accessed from the database of the software. Another way this software improves efficiency is that it stores the emails relevant to the lead at one place so people don’t have to jump back and forth when they want to look at the details. This can streamline the process of bookings and make them quicker and easier. Contracts are sent via email through SimpleOne as it has an advanced e-signature system so they can be signed within seconds.

There is no need for setting up a faxing or other e-signature systems because SimpleOne meets all your needs in one go. Property managers have the option of testing this software before they choose to make an investment in it. There is a 30 day trial period offered and the owners don’t even have to provide any credit card information for taking advantage of it. Once they use SimpleOne, they will realize how the software can make their business smooth and efficient and will not be able to resist purchasing it.

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