Tips for Choosing the Best Steam Iron in India

Ironing is one of the most dreaded chores for people and they wish to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Investing in the best steam iron in India is one of the easiest ways available to people for minimizing the time they spend on the ironing board. There are lots of brands selling steam iron these days so people tend to get confused when they are out shopping for one. The first thing that should be kept in mind is that the best steam irons are those that produce plenty of steam, get hot quickly and help you in smoothing the creases quickly with very little effort.

At first glance, most people assume that all steam irons are the same; this is a mistake because a closer look will show them that different models offer unique and handy features and functions. Some of the top features that should be checked in a steam iron you want to buy are:

Lime-scale filter 

The amount of steam produced by an iron can be greatly hampered because of the build-up of the lime-scale. While most irons have a lime-scale filter already built-in, there are some that don’t have it. Over time, this scale builds up really quickly so it is best to select an iron that already comes with a filter.

Comfy handle 

After you have been using the iron for a while, some handles will start rubbing you. The best handles are the ones that offer a smooth and soft grip and aren’t too wide so people can hold them comfortably. The handle shouldn’t have any hard seams or ridges in the plastic, which may dig into your palm.

Hassle-free power cord 

A long power cord gives people flexibility in terms of setting up their ironing board. It is best to get a cord that has a ball and socket-style joint because this allows people to wrap the cord around the heel for storing easy and rotate it out of the way when need be.

Thin and tapered soleplate

The best steam iron in India or anywhere else is one that has a thin soleplate, which tapers at the nose. This makes it easy for individuals to slide the iron in between buttons or in tight pleats as well. Chunky soleplates, on the other hand, tend to snag on zips and buttons.

Easy-to-fill tank 

People should make it a priority to choose an iron that has a light-colored water tank because dark colored tanks make it difficult to see the water level. Choose an iron that has markings for maximum fill and has a wider filler hole as you don’t want the water to come back out when you are filling.

Auto shut-off 

Steam irons that have this feature will automatically shut off when they are not used for a while. This safety feature can be invaluable for individuals and gives people peace of mind as they don’t have to worry if they switched off the iron or not.


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