Tracking Website Analytics With Ptengine

Every website owner is aware of the importance of good analytics. It is essential to comprehend and understand the numbers about the use of the website by visitors because it allows owners to create, develop and design a website that can bring visitors back again and click around. The problem is that there are numerous analytics options available these days so it can be confusing for people to pick the right one. While Google Analytics is used by most websites, sometimes even it cannot provide the answer. In this case, website owners can give some consideration to Ptengine, which is also a web analytics platform.

Also a heatmap platform, Ptengine has become popular because of its use of visual representations for informing website owners about the actions of converting visitors. As this platform has been designed to work with responsive websites, owners can utilize the tools for logging in to discover what visitors are actually doing in real time on numerous devices. This platform is already used by more than 10,000 businesses for capturing analytics about their websites and they have been satisfied with the results it provided to them. The question is how is Ptengine different from other web analytics tools and platforms?

The answer is simple; Ptengine offers lots of conversion tools to its users and is extremely easy to use. In contrast, people have to know how to set-up and know what they are looking for when they use other options such as Google Analytics. Set-up is quite straightforward with Ptengine and website owners have access to tools that can be used for learning how to increase conversion rates. With Ptengine, website owners can:

Learn what content appeals to visitors through heatmaps
Use real-time information to check the information being viewed by visitors
Understand what information and categories are most popular through page groups
Monitor the behavior of visitors on any device whether laptop, mobile or tablets
Come to know about critical site data through aggregation and segmentation, which is easy to understand

The primary goal of this web analytics platform is to help the users in understanding customer behavior and visitor engagement and to learn how to retain the attention of visitors. It allows website owners to offer a better experience to the visitors, thus, creating the possibility of a greater return on investment. Web development teams, designers and digital marketers all use Ptengine for this purpose. It provides some robust features and services including:

Heatmaps: Thermographic visualization is used by this tool for allowing people to see the behavior of visitors in a glance. There are multiple options available to people as far as the type of heatmap segment they wish to see is concerned. A visual view can be obtained by owners about different visitor patterns including page analysis, multi-device monitoring etc.
Campaigns: A specific URL can be created for analyzing traffic by source, medium, name, content and term.
Conversions: Owners understand why visitors don’t stay on the site and can boost conversions with tools such as value conversion rates and conversion funnel. 


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