3 Fun Ways to Thank Employees with Promotional Water Bottles

Are you looking for new ways to use those water bottles and travel cups decked out with your company logo? Free promotional gear always makes a great gift to employees – and in the case of cups and mugs, they can be just as fun to give away as they are to receive. This quick guide has some ideas!

1. Employee Wellness Kits

Those branded water bottles are a great way to draw attention to your company’s employee wellness plan. The bottles will encourage your staff to drink more filtered water while eliminating clutter around the water cooler, and they might even persuade more employees to bring other healthy drinks from home instead of relying on the vending machine fare next door. You can even fill the bottle with healthy snacks for a neat presentation.  

Of course, wellness goes far beyond the humble water bottle! Encouraging employee wellness has far-reaching advantages: healthy employees are productive and more engaged, and your logo-decorated water bottles ensure that the public sees the vibrant and active side of your company culture. Encourage employees to use the bottles by pairing them with gym gift cards or digital pedometers.

2. Event Survival Gear

Need a cool way to say thanks to somebody attending an outdoor event on behalf of your company? Send them with a useful little survival kit containing an event map, a little sunblock or a hat, a voucher for lunch, and a pair of custom water bottles – everything necessary to stay comfortable over the long day. Even if your budget only has room for the bottles, they’re something your recipient will use daily.

But event kits don’t have to be a thank you: they’re great for marketing to potential customers, too. Think about how many times a potential customer might refill a water bottle throughout an event on a hot and busy day, and your company name and logo will be there every time. The rest of the event survival kit is just icing on the cake.

3. Welcoming Packages

If you’re ordering branded bottles for your existing employees, don’t forget to save a few for potential newcomers! What could be a better use of promotional gear than helping new people fit into the office more comfortably? New employees love getting company-branded gear – especially if it’s something they can use every day.

Consider welcoming new employees and interns with things that can help them do a good job every day: a simple starter pack of office supplies, cubicle organizers, folders or notebooks, and of course, a water bottle or coffee cup decked out with the company logo. They can even use their cool company-branded gear to show their new job off to friends and family.

Stocking Up

Whether you pull all the stops on design and features or just keep things simple with your company name, you can be sure that your custom water bottles will become a workplace favorite.

Stock up on deluxe insulated travel cups to cheer up employees with hot chocolate in the wintertime, equip the company softball team with sport bottles to show support and enthusiasm, send employees home with candy-filled coffee mugs on their birthdays, or make your branded drinkware available in the break room for everyday use.

And you never know when your tradeshow or job fair supplies will run low! Cups and bottles are among the most versatile promotional pieces out there. Branded cups, bottles, and mugs are better than a business card if you want to make a lasting impression on a potential client, and they can last for years as persistent advertising in the hands of customers.

If employees line up to get the new company-branded water bottles as soon as they come out, imagine how useful they’ll prove to your other advertising and engagement efforts. How will you use your next shipment of company-branded drinkware? Picking out promo gear has never been more fun.

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