How To Make Your Business Travel in Singapore Convenient and Comfortable

These days, many people travel to Singapore for business. This is not surprising, considering Singapore has one of the best and fastest growing economies in the world today! For the first-timer, Singapore may seem a little bit daunting and more of a tourist place than that of a businessman’s. However, Singaporeans in the travel industry are used to dealing with businessmen and will have no problem helping one get around.

To make your stay in Singapore convenient and comfortable, it is best to plan ahead and plan smart. No point in getting a cheaper hotel when it’s halfway across the city–and to your meeting point or meeting place. Here are some of the best tips for business travelers when coming to Singapore.

1) Figure out your itinerary. Business trips in Singapore don’t usually last very long. If you will be in the city for just a day or two, be sure to plan your schedule and allow time for transportation so that you do not get late for your meetings.

2) Confirm meetings as soon as you land. This again saves you a bit of worry. If you need to ask for directions to get to places, you will do so with time to spare.

3) Arrange for accommodations. Since stays overseas are usually put on the company tab, you might have to work within a budget. You will have no problem finding a hotel in Singapore that fit the bill–clean, accessible, homey, and convenient. Try tried-and-tested ones like the Parc Sovereign Hotel, Fragrance Hotel or even Tune Hotels.

4) Arrange any special requests with your hotel. Any hotel in Singapore is used to travellers coming in at weird hours because of taking early or late flights. Give them a heads-up if you’re checking in late so that they don’t let go of your reservation.

5) Get a map. Singapore is easily accessible through the railway system, so it’s pretty hard to get lost. Still, since time is of the essence, get a map so that you can get around and navigate the various train stops.

6) Dress for the weather. You’ll make an impression in a sharp suit, but there are times that the weather in Singapore might not be suited for this. In any case, keep an umbrella with you.

7) Familiarize yourself with the rules. You may be a visitor but it doesn’t give you a free pass to accidentally break the law. Jaywalking, chewing gum, and littering are among the no-nos here.

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