Keep Conversations Private with Cyph

Privacy is of the utmost importance to most people who use the internet. The web isn’t safe; everyone is aware of this fact. From search engines to social media networks, everyone is trying to get information about potential customers so they can increase their profits by providing them with their desired service. However, in order to accomplish this goal, they have to invade the privacy of their users and they do it without giving it a second thought. Apart from that, it was also revealed recently that government surveillance is also a part of the internet. Moreover, hackers and other cyber-criminals are constantly trying to steal personal information of people for their own gains.

With so many problems, people often find it difficult to communicate with their friends, family, colleagues or other important individuals freely. When they are using different messenger applications, they still have to trust a lot of strangers. Even the most encrypted messenger apps weren’t able to provide the privacy people wanted; this was determined by two former SpaceX engineers, Baron Joshua Cyrus Boehm and Ryan Lester. These two individuals had very high standards in regard to chat and wanted it to be completely secure.

Therefore, they tested various encrypted chat services such as Pidgin OTR and PGP, but found loopholes in them as well. Because they value their privacy, they were focused on finding a better way for people to chat via the internet. There had to be something that allowed people to send data openly on the web, without worrying about it being compromised. This led them to develop Cyph, which is the next-generation messenger application for all those people out there who don’t wish to compromise their privacy and don’t want to give up communicating through the internet either.

The two makers of this particular messenger application believe that it isn’t just security experts who deserve a little bit of privacy. They are of the opinion that it is the right of every individual to have their private and personal information away from prying eyes and that’s exactly what their application offers to the public. Privacy becomes the new status quo, thanks to It takes only a minute for people to make themselves secure and have a private discussion with anyone. As long as they are using Cyph, people don’t have to ask others to sign up for something or install or even configure an application.

As long as they are using Cyph, their conversation will automatically be private and they will be able to protect the other party at the same time. Hence, with the introduction of Cyph, privacy has become attainable for every individual on the internet and without any cost too. Another good news is that there is a new and more advanced version of this messenger application coming to the internet, which can offer even better features to individuals. Thus, if you are looking to get some privacy while catching up with friends or wish to have a private discussion with your employees, Cyph is the way to go.  

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