The Benefits of Hosting Your Minecraft Games on External Servers

Setting up your own server can be difficult if you’re not experienced in such things. It requires a considerable amount of technical knowledge, so it may be advantageous to host your Minecraft games on external servers.

Minecraft for the PC has changed a whole lot in the few years it has been in existence, leaping through seemingly endless stages of gaming evolution within a period of time brief enough to seem as if one would only be able to do anything as time hungry as brew a mug of tea before it went full cycle again. This constant evolution has occurred, quite obviously, due to its ever expanding popularity, hitting every demographic on its way to the top of the gaming hit parade. Hence, there are features prominent within the game that have come to fruition purely as a way of maintaining the loyalties of such a diverse audience.

One such feature which ranks as one of the most prominent is the online multi-player mode where the users can create a permanent world with enough space for hundreds of game players to congregate. If the version you are using of Minecraft is the latest and most up-to-date, then the easiest way to ensure all your friends get in on the fun is to pause the game and click on the “Open to LAN” option following that by clicking on the “Start LAN World” option to invite others into the game. However, there are very many more advantages to a more permanent option regarding servers which may appeal should you often spend time playing with others.

One issue of home connections, and by turn of the same coin an advantage for external servers, is that remote players can easily become disconnected, and if your computer turns itself off for some reason or is disconnected from the network, then the server will not continue to run any more and certain persistent features of the world may be lost.

Many websites offer hosting for Minecraft game specific servers and for a nominal monthly fee are able to host a server for you allowing different numbers of players to connect. It is worth noting that there are a whole host of benefits involved in using this type of server, with easy set up, very consistent access, alongside 24/7 technical support and assistance. Costs are no longer anywhere near as prohibitive towards setting up such external servers as they once were, with only nominal fees involved for the privilege.

Whilst, as previously mentioned, setting up a server on your own is often complex and requiring significant network knowledge, a paid service takes the brunt of the technical side of things allowing you to focus on the game playing. Set up is simple and easy enough to follow for even the most unaware of modern day Luddites.

Connecting is as easy as pie with the available options open to the server user, with options to ban players or invite them into the game and also to restart the server, with all such options conveniently and accessibly located.

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