The Perils of Ignoring SEO

When it comes to the marketing side of business, finding innovative ways to keep up with the competition can be challenging. Technology and guidelines are always changing, thus prompting the need for adjustments within your marketing strategies. While making changes is all a part of being a successful business, sometimes your old methods just need a bit of sprucing up.

A good example is with search engine optimization, also known as SEO. There are some businesses that believe that SEO is dead and no longer needed. While search engines such as Google have implemented changes within their guidelines, they still utilize the gist of these techniques for ranking and listing company websites. Therefore, ignoring SEO within your marketing campaign leaves you falling behind across the board.

SEO Improves Brand Recognition

Imagine where your company website might rank if you didn’t implement SEO? Keyword rich content is what gets your brand noticed by your target audience. The more quality content you have on the internet, the higher the possibility is of someone visiting your page to learn more about your products and services. Increased visibility on search engines essentially leads to improved brand recognition across the board.

SEO Impacts All Marketing

Internet marketing and SEO go hand in hand. You cannot expect to be seen by your target audience without effective marketing in place. Whether you want to try content marketing, social media marketing, or basic marketing through your company’s website, you need the appropriate keyword placement to make it work. It can be very challenging to have one without the other.

SEO Coincides with Research Before You Buy Concept

According to SEO Austin, a provider of Austin SEO Services, there is a growing trend amongst consumers to do a bit of homework before they decide to make a purchase. Whether it’s looking up the best insurance providers or locating the best store to find deals on home décor, customers are taking the time to research their options. Since you’re not the only business in your target niche, this means that hundreds or even thousands of businesses could generate in a search. Effective SEO methods allow your company to show up first giving you the chance to convert the customer to a sale.

SEO Leverages Social Sharing

When engaging in social media, SEO plays a significant role. When sharing content with your followers, specific guidelines such as meta descriptions and title tags are necessary. The more people share your content via social media, the better it is for your business as a whole. It generates brand recognition and also increases your website visibility on top search engine sites.

SEO is Cost Effective

Saving money in any business is of course top priority. SEO is essentially one of the most cost effective methods of marketing your business online. Whether you’re a startup firm or you’ve been in business for several years, you can make SEO work for you at next to nothing. SEO can start off in house and as you expand can be outsourced to companies who specialize in that area of marketing.

Ignoring the SEO side of marketing is like saying you don’t want to do business online. SEO improves brand recognition, improves your search engine ranking, increases your chances for sales conversions, and saves you money. What’s most important is that it’s all for the success of your business. So if you’ve been a bit frustrated by SEO practices or don’t know where to start, instead of skipping it altogether, reach out to an SEO company for advice.

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