The Top & Promising Pressure Tank Manufacturers in Asia

Pressure tanks are extremely useful in a variety of settings. They are probably most famous for their invaluable usage in suburban homes with more than one story. As groundwater may sometimes not have enough pressure in the pipes, an air pressure tank can help bring water up to the second or third floor of the home with no problem. Some offices and buildings also use air pressure tanks for the same purpose.

However, pressure tanks are also used in manufacturing industries. They are extremely useful in regulating water or liquid flow. As such, manufacturers look for durable equipment to invest in–those that are made well, will last over time and will continue to provide efficiency with regular maintenance. This is why it is handy to know which are the top and promising pressure tank manufacturers in the region.

Check out this list of some of the most promising pressure tank manufacturers today. Of course, there are many companies besides these three, but the candidates on this shortlist have proved to have extremely satisfying products and customer service.

UniControls Asia 

Since 1976, Unicontrols has been one of the world’s leading pressure tank manufacturers in producing stainless steel pressurized tanks in Japan. Realising the potential and demand for stainless steel pressure tanks, they have provided a standard series of pressurized tanks with various capacity and designs kept in stock available upon order. They even provide a variety of pressurized tanks and tank accessories for customers from different industries such as chemical, food, medicine or pharmaceuticals, paint or coatings, and ink, etc, including those with special shapes and sizes.

Keyser Technologies

Keyser Technologies is another one of the well known pressure tank manufacturers in the region. Keyflex products focus on expansion joints such as metal expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, fabric expansion joints and stainless steel flexible hose. Their main pressure tank product is the Keyser Pressure Vessel, which is one of the safest and most efficient pressure tanks in the market today.

Applied Engineering

Applied Engineering sells a wide range of product vessels. These are HP Flare Drum, HHOB Reactor, Vertical Vessel with Panel Coils, Dryer, Reactors, MP Compressor Drum, Production Separator, Cement Tanks, Hopper, Mercury Removal Vessel, Degassing Separator and Steam Drum. The company is a quality manufacturer of pressure vessels and other industrial products. Its system is certified by ASME.

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