Top Gadgets For 2014

There are three qualities that can make just any item more valuable than something that you get only to satiate your buying addiction and they are usefulness, efficiency and affordability. We are bombarded with new and advanced gadgets every year, but only a few of them are actually worth buying while the rest are nothing, but a waste of money. Another problem is that the ones that are worth spending on are usually too expensive to suit everyone’s budget. The good news is that one can take advantages of discount coupons that are available on for reducing their cost and getting the best tech gadgets.

Here is a list of the top new gadgets that simply surpass the line of coolness and can also be useful in different aspects of life:


You may not realize it, but you are spending a fortune when you purchase coffee on a daily basis. With Aeropress, you can save money because you just have to spend a week worth of what you spend on coffee. Only a spoonful of coffee has to put into the tube, some hot water has to be added and then you pull down the plunger. You can’t lose with this gadget if you are a coffee addict as it’s also very easy to clean.

Logitech Powershell 

Are you a gamer with an iPhone? Then Logitech Powershell is the best gaming controller for you. This one has a rubbery and solid surface that can be held comfortably. The iPhone simply slides into the slot rather than having to pull the controller apart and the lock button and headphone jack are still attainable.

Sony Smartwatch 2 

If you are thinking of accessorizing your smartphone with a gadget, the most logical place to start is with a smartwatch. Even though Sony Smartwatch 2 is just one of the numerous smartwatches that are available these days, it is definitely an affordable one and has good design and features. It bridges the gap between style and functionality quite cleanly.

Mophie Space Pack 

This is sort of a three-in-one gadget as it is a charger, a case and also a storage provider. Even though it may add some bulk to your device, it is a great addition for your iPhone as it has the extra memory that may be lacking in the smartphone. Furthermore, it is also perfect for users on the go who don’t have regular and constant access to power sources and wish to charge their phone.

Misfit Wearables Shine

As opposed to existing fitness trackers, this is a refreshing update because this gadget is stylishly designed and can be worn in several ways. Because Misfit Wearables Shine is un-intrusive and small, it is excellent for daily use. It is dependent on the iOS for syncing stats with a phone. In addition, the battery life of this device is about four months, which is also very impressive.

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